Monday, August 24, 2009

My Little Card

Last night was Audrene's ballet concert. After months of practising, last night was THE NIGHT and it was SUPERB!!!

Audrene played a card... here she is.. my sweetest, loveliest card! She was sooooo excited and happy because her face was all made up. Little girl mana yang tak suka make up kan... Check out her face! Gembira!!

Her nice and sweet teacher adding more colours to her face.. Thank you teacher!!! Her teacher was one of the advanced students and she was really really good!

Wave wave wave!!!

And jump up and down!!!

Here's one of my favorite performances.

And my darling Baby Maira... of cos she was there to cheer for her kakak!!

Audrene and I were there from 1pm and the show was at 7pm. From the time we reached the hall (it was Dewan Sivik, MBPJ) until showtime, there were 2 rounds of rehearsals. Boy, memang hard work ok. Not so much for Audrene but for the older students. Audrene and her friends had fun because they get to play, run and jump around all day. But the older kids.. they must love ballet and dancing so much to be able to pull last night's concert. Real tough but the show was superb! Worth every sweat of practising!

So that was it! Probably I'll post more pics. My sister was there too and she took more photos. After months of sending Audrene back and forth the academy (ermmm... not me... most of the time my mom yang hantar...ngeee), last night was the show. Just now I asked how she felt on stage... scared ke... excited ke...happy ke... She said... Happy la Mummy! Fun!! Tapi takut jatuh masa lari2... hehehehe! I'm glad she had fun too!

Ok everyone... Off to bed now. I was typing while cooking for sahur and food dah siap. All are done so I can say goodnite now :)

Selamat berpuasa everyone and have a great week ahead!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Short Updates!

Short one from me as I'm extremely busy with the girls!

1. Kakak dah pandai baca music notes. She played Mary Had A Little Lamb on the piano yesterday by refering to her music book. I am impressed!!
2. Maira has taken 8 steps. She's a big girl now!
3. Kakak and adik dah pandai gaduh :p

That's all, folks!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Maira!

Yay yay yay!!! Baby Maira is ONE today!!! Happy birthday sweetheart.. We love you so very very much!!!

Also, she took FIVE big steps today!!! We are so proud of you!!!

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