Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Next?

Since all scheduled excitements have passed, I need to get myself a new event for me to work on... What ya? Maybe a trip to the cinema with Audrene & 3 of her friends for Bolt? Hmm... Chewy? What do you think? Nak join?

My current read:

I'm half-way through this thriller. My verdict - a must for all thriller addicts.

My next read is:

I need to finish these two books fast cos both are borrowed from my office's library.. Yup, the resource centre at my office carries story books too. Isn't this cool? This is definitely one of the few great things that I'll miss when I switch workplace in January :(

Audrene's 4th Birthday Party - A Blast!

Yes!!! We have successfully organised Audrene's 4th Birthday Party last night. By looking at the kids and their parents, the party was a blast. Thanks a bundle to Chewy, Uncle Eja, Uncle Awish, Auntie Mai, Tok Mak and Tok for all their help :)


There were about 40 kids at the party and they were entertained by Mr Clown. Audrene was extra excited last night (sampai tak makan, tak mandi & tak sikat rambut!) because her best-est friends from the nursery also came, along with the kakaks. This is their first social event, and boy, were they excited!

Birthday girl with Fahim & Derrick

Audrene was also a good host. Everytime kawan sampai, she will greet at the door and invite the friend in. Kawan-kawan pun malu sekejap aje, lepas tu main and lari2 satu rumah. Mr Clown was also great. He made fun balloons for the kids and kept them laughing all night with funny jokes.

Each kid brought home 1 party pack each. Hope they liked the stickers, chocolates, cookies, lollypops, Twisties and magic wands :) We definitely can't wait to organise another party, or maybe other parents would like to have one for their kid? We would love to attend. Jangan lupa jemput kita!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Esok Party!! Yay! Yay!

Audrene's party is tomorrow and I did one last head count - mak oii - 54 adults and 51 kids - betul ke nih??? I guess some may not turn up as it is the raining season now but whatever it is I need to prepare enough stuff... esp the party packs! Now I have 40 sets so tomorrow I need to go to One Utama the first thing in the morning and get some more goodies. Wow, organising a birthday party is not easy!

The tent people are coming in early morning. At noon, the cleaners will come in to clean up the house and help reorganise the furniture. Then later, the uncles and aunties will blow up the balloons and decorate the house. And then of couse, the party packs to pack. Wee hee... tak sabar!

Ooops dah past 9pm and we haven't had our dinner.. Malam ni maggi mee aje lah.. Hehe!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am soooo excited! I have been planning this for at least a month, and yay - it is just another day away! And I am not alone. I bet my hubby, my sister, my mom and the rest of my family are excited too. Ok, ok, what am I so excited about? What am I planning? Ha ha... Our event of the year - Audrene's 4th Birthday Bash!

As requested by the birthday girl, the theme is "Princess". Hence I have bought all things pink and "princessy". The invitation cards, the party packs, the banners... I have also bought her a tiara, a pink feather boa and a fluffy, feathery wand to wear during the party, with the dress that Tok and Tok Mak bought. The birthday girl's girlfriends will also get a little magic wand each. To ensure the little guests are well entertained, I have also booked a clown ... Awww... I hope it will be a blast!

Final checklist before Saturday... This is really to remind myself :

1. Call the mommies
2. Double confirm with the caterer - food and canopy
3. Buy more Twisties
4. Buy more lollypops
5. Buy more party hats
6. Buy more snacks - peanuts, potato chips
7. Probably add more satay - need to do another round of head count

Hmmm... what else what else?

I guess next is to prepare the party packs and decorate the house but this can wait till Saturday. And of course... the CAKE! Need to pick up the cake on Saturday at 3.

Ok, gotta go. Heard little Maira calling... Susu time!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not so exciting day...

Okay, tomorrow is a little bit far cos I notice that I already have a follower...Yippee! Don't want to disappoint Mr Grammatical Error... *wink*wink*

I attended a boring meeting just now. Haven't been in a looong meeting with weird people for quite a while. One guy had this habit of leaving his mouth wide open and there was a lady who scratched her tapak kaki halfway through the meeting.. Boy..Did I find that distracting? Yeah-haaa! I was waiting and hoping for a good excuse to go out from the meeting room but unfortunately nothing came up so I stayed on for ...urgh... 4 hours!

I think this will be the last meeting that I'll be attending on behalf of my current office. This is because I have resigned and am joining another organisation in January. This is one of my current excitements. Another major excitement is ofcourse Audrene's birthday party this Saturday. BTW, I have 2 little girls - Audrene & Maira. Will write more on this... Now, I need to go home..Hubby's waiting!

My 1st Post

Yay... I have a blog & will start writing ...tomorrow!


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