Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Love Weekends!

Huaaa.. I am out of GGirl to watch!! I have just finished watching Eps 4 of Season 3 and I want more of them... fast!

So what am I watching now? Brothers and Sisters! Haha, still scandalous, but not as sizzling :p At the same time, I'm reading James Patterson's Double Cross. Bought the book months ago but never had the chance to read it.

My hubby's following The Vampire Diaries and he loves it. Definitely that will be the next series I'll follow.

My office will be moving to PJ in a couple of weeks and I look forward to it. Bye bye heavy traffic! Still jam tapi at least I no longer have to go thru Jln Duta, Jln Kuching and Jln Tun Razak... Phew!

Gtg... the girls are out doing some grocery shopping with Daddy and I am at home supervising the weekend cleaners. Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Congrats Sissy :p

We went to my sister's convocation this morning and had lotsa fun despite the massive human traffic at the hall. We went out at about 8am and drove to UITM, Shah Alam. After parking our car at the main parking area, we took the uni bus to the main hall for the event. Audrene was thrilled because she gets to ride on the bus and was extra happy because the bus went quite fast! My my!

My parents get to sit in the parents' room but the rest of us had to watch the event from the big screens and TVs which were placed outside the hall. Of course when my sister went up to receive her scroll, we cheered for her tho she cant hear sebab kita dekat luar hall. Tapi tak kisah, jerit jugak.. Hehe!

Here are some pics from this morning. Everyone was happy happy :)

Congrats Sissy! Xoxo :p

p/s.. am watching The Half Blood Prince now.. Isyyy I dah lupa cerita dia sebab baca buku tu years ago. Looks like kena baca balik the last 2 books!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GGirl I Like U!

Guess what?! I never thought that I would be hooked to Gossip Girl but I am! Right now, at this very moment I'm on my GG marathon and its Season 2 Eps 20. I can't stop! And who's my favourite character? It's Serena of course! Second would be her MOM.. hehe! Besides the sizzling scandals, I enjoy their fashionable outfits, handbags, shoes, accessories... everything lah! All I like!

I have been very busy with work and the girls. Maira is growing tougher and tougher each day. She plays hard and eats a lot. Audrene of course plays very very hard. And when they are together, it's like having a carnival at home. Lari, lompat, jerit, ketawa all the time until they sleep. Oh ya, somewhere in the middle of course ada gaduh and nangis. Wanna know a secret? Sometimes over the weekend I will feel overwhelmed so I will hide in the bathroom for a breather. 5 minit pun jadi lah ok! Hmmm sapa kata girls are easy to manage, come over and meet my 2 girls :p

Alright, I wanna get back to GG. It's a weekday so I can't stay up late. Goodnite people!

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