Saturday, November 20, 2010

Audrene's Birthday Spa

Audrene's birthday is getting very very near. She's turning 6 on 1st December!!!! My lil baby is a big girl now, she's starting Std 1 next year!! How time flies!!!

A couple of weeks back, when I was browsing for some birthday ideas for Audrene, I found a kids spa and it was located at Mont Kiara. That's not far so I made some calls to ask about the packages and I loved what I heard! And when I spilled the idea to Audrene she loved it too. So I told her to list 5 of her most favourite friends and we'll invite them to the spa.

We decided to have the party earlier cos.... we couldnt wait!! Hehe! So that's why we had it this morning ;)

Activities for the day were pedicure, hairdo and facepainting. Here are some pics from this morning.

Audrene chose to enhance her mermaid costume by painting her face mermaid-like :) The artist googled for the sample and found it on youtube. Innovative!

Pedicure time... princess treatment for the day.

Shrek in the making... rawrrrrr!

Cake time. The cake was from a small bakery at our house.. It was yummy and it was only RM28! Everyone loved it! And ofcos lil Maira was there too. She was sooo happy running around and playing by herself.

With her bestie :)

The party ended at 215pm, just enough time for the staff to clean up for another party at 230. Busy lil spa!! And a very busy weekend for us too bec we have a concert to attend tomorrow. 17 performances from 5 or 6 Smart Readers :O and Audrene's graduation! Yayyyy!!!!!

For info on the spa, click here and they also have a FB page. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tok's Birthday

The girls' Tok celebrated his 64th birthday on Deepavali so I organised a small birthday dinner for Tok and family. Usually when I have my family over for dinner, I'll prepare really simple dishes like grilled salmon or bbq food and salad, and I'll run to the nearby cafe and buy fried rice hehe.

Some pics from the dinner.. Audrene made her Tok wear her tiara. She's a very persistent girl, cant say no to her ;)

Yummy ice-cream cake which Audrene happily passed around but wouldnt take a bite of it. Apparantly she doesnt like ice cream cake.. Weird huh?

Cu and her adoring nieces and nephew.. hehe

These were taken last weekend. The girls were playing dress up. They went Hawaiian.

Alright folks, wanna enjoy AR Asia! Goodnite!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

For the 1st time we celebrated Halloween and from the pictures, you can see that Audrene had the most fun :p

Audrene bought a witch costume a couple of weeks back so mummy and daddy had to find the right place for her to go showcase herself hehe..and hooray cos TGIF was organising a Halloween-do last night. We had dinner there and at the same time had so much fun checking out other people's costumes. Some were indeed scary :o

Maira was scared so she sat quietly at her corner but all the skeletons, undertakers and draculas didnt stop her from enjoying a good meal. That's my Maira ;)

Some pics from last night..

Goodnite everyone! Hope you'll have a great week!

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