Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Wahhh it has been a while since I last updated!! I have gotten the habit of sleeping early. 10pm and I'll be dreaming already. And then there was the World Cup. So for the last month, I was on and off trying to sleep early so I could wake up at 2am. Not that I was a huge fan of the game, neither was I a supporter of any team. I didnt even know what 'off side' was until a couple of weeks back when my colleagues 'patiently' demonstrated to me. Truth is I merely wanted to find out what Christiano Ronaldo was all about. And now I know.. hehehe.

And oh the Cullen fever is back and yeah I too drooled over him for a few days after I watched Eclipse which I found to be really euwww but highly entertaining (?!).

Maira is turning 2 next month!! Yeay my darling baby is growing fast. She cant speak that much yet but she can say important words like mummy, daddy, kakak, mak, tok, cho (cu), nenen (ofcos), nak, NO! (favourite word so far), ket (sakit) and ... ermmmm... bodddohhhhh! Haiyoo!!!!

Ok... have to go... Maira is wrestling the laptop from me while crying nak! nak! nak!


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