Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I was at a nearby mall recently and my eyes popped out when I saw these in a shop! I was so excited!! I used to play with them when I was small!! So I said to Audrene and Maira that I just have to buy them some. But.... I got a shock when I saw the price.. RM23.50!!!! Omg!!! I know back when I was small it was way way WAY cheaper! Mahalnya now!!

So I asked the uncle who works at the shop... Back then it was not this expensive right?? He replied.. Well, many many years ago a bowl of asam laksa cost RM1.50 -__-

Audrene has never seen it before and I had a hard time explaining to her how Kalkitos works so I asked uncle.. Do u have a sample? He replied .. Well many many years ago when u were small they didn't have samples too right?? Ok, the uncle has an attitude... Grrrr!

Since I've promised Audrene and Maira, I had to buy 2 packets and they loved it!! But because of the price, sorry la nak beli lagi :p

The Kalkitos kept them quiet while mummy had coffee :)

And I just have to share these pics of my darling Maira cos she looks sooo kissable in them ;)

Otw to watch Alvin.. Pakai lipgloss mummy.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

High on Coke

This is how Maira looks like after taking a few sips of cold iced coke ;)

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happppyyy 7th

Happy 7th Birthday my darling, my sweetie pie Audrene :) :) love u so much but darling sometimes u make me wanna pull my hair out... All i want you to do is just spend 1 hour a day during these hols reading yr story book... Tu je...Can ye.. Tomorrow tak nak gaduh2 lagi ok!

Here are some pics of her and friends during her art & craft bday do.

Oooh we also had a cake done for Maira as she didn't get a party for her most recent birthday as it fell during fasting month. Both cakes were super yummy - Audrene's was vanilla and Maira's was red velvet.. Tak puas makan! The food for the kids were simple - Pizza!

The kids could choose to buat and paint either a top hat, fish or robot. The hat was the favourite! Here they are... Busy crafting their masterpieces :)

My lil sweet Maira.. Comfie at her spot. We had their bday do at their artclass. The teachers were amazing with 21 excited, happy, jumping kids!

Group photo.. Some were still giving their masterpieces the finishing touch ;)

It was indeed a FUN and EXCITING party for .... ME! hehehe! The kids were such a joyful group and i enjoyed entertaining them tho mmg patah pinggang. Audrene was ecstatic of course - first time hung out with school friends without teachers' supervision... Apa lagi.. Memang havoc!! But party kan, lagi havoc lagi fun :) :)

Alright, goodnight everyone! Sleepy already hugs zzzzzzz

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Yay Audrene!

Yay! My little Audrene got no 2 in class & no 3 in std 1!! Mummy's so happy! In fact mummy is probably happier than Audrene hahaha!!!

My darling with her class teacher.. Thank you teacher :) :)

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Quack Quack

Audrene was in her school's Thumbelina Musical Play last week. She danced the Chicken & Duck dance with her Std 1 friends and they were so cute!

I was impressed with the production. Very nicely done! And the kids were talented. Memang terrerlah :)

Too bad we couldn't take photos of the show so we only had pics of Audrene after the show.

Here she is.... My little duckie :)

Definitely can't wait for next year's show!

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maira's Art

Maira attended her first art class last week. She was shy!

Here's my darling teddy bear who is still in diapers ;)

Maira's artwork yesterday.. While kakak belajar, adik lukis2 :D

It's a bird btw

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cakes Galore!

Took this during the weekend. There was a wedding cake competition at the complex where the girls attended art class. Interesting!

Classic design..I love baby blue..tiffany's blue :)

Indian wedding cake with rich colours

Malay wedding cake.. Love the bride n groom's costumes

Bride fishing for the groom lol!

For the japs...

Maira was excited to find a parrot on a cake!

The girls loved all of the designs. How I wish I have a talent so I could earn with it and forget about the corporate world! If only.. If only :)

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have been SUPER BUSY these past few weeks OMG! Busy with work and busy with the girls. Audrene will be done with her finals on Thursday (Hurrah!!!!) but until then it's the usual exams-is-near 45-minute revision-2 hours break-45 min revision-2hours break weekend timetable. Thursday, come fast PLEASE!!!! Teacher Mummy needs a BREAK!

Ooooh Maira has finally agreed to join Audrene in her art class.. Yippee!!!!! So now, once a week I will get 1.5 hours all for myself. What I like is that there are a few mani-pedi shops and massage centre near the artclass and 1.5 hours is just nice for these. Owh I am soo happy :)

Ok, short update. Got some office work to complete.

Till later!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Durian @ KDsara

Went for durian buffet last week... For RM15/person, it was worth it tho the durians were not as great as the ones in Giant.

Some photos ...

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Maira!!!

My Maira turns 3 today!!!!!

My message to my darling baby.. I love you lots and lots, always brush your teeth at night, rajin2 brush your soft wavy hair.. Also... Cakap ye bila nak shishi or poopoo and no more dukung-dukung and no more nenen!! You are 3 already!!! Big girl!!

Love you!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movies Galore

We had a grand time catching the latest movies during these couple of months. All of the movies that we have been waiting for finally came and it was worth the wait, especially Transformers 3. Harry Potter was great too but I wished it was longer. I thought it was too abrupt, tak puaslah. If it were 3 hours pun ok, I would have enjoyed every single minute of it. I couldn't believe HP is finally over. Sob! I keep saying that I want to read the 7th book again, but until now I couldn't find the time :(

Transformers was amazing, don't you think? When we went to the cinema, Maira thought that we were going to watch 'Train Thomas'. I kept telling her Transformers la, not Train Thomas. But she insisted it was Train Thomas until the movie started and she got a shock! This is NOT Train Thomas! Terus takut and tertidur!

Pirates and Green Lantern were ok too. Funny la at least. We also took Maira to watch Thomas the Movie. But errrr not only that I thought it was yawnsome...Maira thought it was boring too! Tengok dekat ipad ok la, but on the big screen.. Terseksa Mummy!

We also watched Arthur, Paul and Just Go With It on DVD. Arthur (Russel Brand - is that his name? Katie Perry's hubby) was CRAZY FUNNY! Paul, the movie about an alien, was also hilarious. I laughed and laughed through out the movie. I suddely have this huge liking towards these British actors. Lawak sangat! Paul however was full of bad words, not good for kids. But my darling Audrene watched it though and I kept telling her this is a BAD BAD word, NEVER EVER use it!

Just Go With It is now one of my favourite romcoms. I finally saw what others could see in Adam Sandler hehe..To those who have not watched it, go get the DVD. Sweet and funny! Another romcom that I watched recently, Love and Other Drugs, was also ok buttttttt errrr a bit xx la. I was surprised that Anne Hathaway and Jakey showed a lot of flesh. Lucky The 2 little girls were busy watching their cartoon movie on tv.

Oh no, now I could't wait for weekend to arrive. Nak tengok more movies!

Ok, all. Have a good night. Past my bed time already. Audrene is fast asleep but Maira is still watching Mickey. Yawn!

ps. Selamat bersahur :)

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Buka Puasa

Hello! Happy fasting everyone. We are at Pappa Rich now, having buka puasa.

Audrene fasted until 5pm today!! Hooray!!

My naughty little girl :p

This is my teh ais with teh tarik ice cream.. Yummy!

Till later!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

With A Champ

There was a squash tournament at The Curve last weekend and Audrene got to meet Nicol David!

I told her that Nicol is the best squash player in the world and she was impressed. It's not everyday that you get to meet a real champion!

And here's my little champ in her own little tournament :)

That's Audrene in the pool! She finished 2nd in her group. I thought it was great but she was a little bummed because only the top swimmers with the best time received medals. Owh it's ok honey, there's always next year :)

Bye for now, have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Turning 3

My Baby Maira has grown so fast... She's turning 3 next month!! She talks a lot now. Though a bit pelat but she loves to tell what she did in school and she loves to sing. Current favourite song is Barney's theme song and current favourite cartoon is ofcourse Barney!

Here she is.. with her baby.. We call her baby 'creepy baby'... Hehe..She adores this baby to bits and she wants to bring it everywhere!

Maira reciting doa makan before dinner :)

Maira and oranges.. Yummy!

Maira and cheesecake

Yeap my Maira loves to eat and I love watching her eat... But the mess she makes... That mummy doesn't like!

Ok everyone, have a great day!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Snow White & Friends

My little Snow White had a great time when she met her favourite cartoon characters and superheroes last weekend.

There she was... Didn't want to let go of Simon!

With Mummy's favourite - Smurfs!

Hello Batman!

Oooh don't hurt Snow White!!

Theodore's so cute!

And of course I had to drag my sister along because Audrene actually made me drive to Ikano twice in a day for this!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

No. 2!!

Congratulations to my darling daughter who got no. 2 in class and no. 3 in the whole std. 1 :) :)

Mummy's very happy for you sweetheart and we love you so much!

Here she is .... During her swimming lesson that she loves loves loves *hugs*

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is what happens when Maira finds a tub of baby powder -__-

Peace, Mummy!

We love you, Maira!!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Simply Delishh!!

We went back to Kuantan over the weekend and yipppeeee because I got to enjoy my favourite dish ikan patin gulai tempoyak!!! Yeah I am soo kampung when it comes to food preference :)

Our favourite ikan patin spot is in Temerloh, the first gerai opposite the river. The place is usually packed and full during lunchtime and sometimes we had to wait for them to cook the fish. 30-45 minutes wait in the stuffy, hot stall but it was worth the wait!

We usually have one fish head each.. No sharing!! Mmmmmm nyummmmms.. I love the lemak and all!

And in Kuantan itself, we would always have our favourite cendol at a little stall in front of this popular huge shop which sells ikan masin. This shop is usually packed with tourist buses and tourists from China who will buy HUGE bags full of white coffee and ikan masin. Hurrah for Malaysian tourism!

Haha..Here's everyone buying cendol while mummy secures 4 stools ;)

For RM1.50, this cendol is to die for especially in the hot Kuantan weather. Simple cendol, just to my liking!

Ok no more food talk!! I am about to drool already. Goodnight everyone!!!

ps... I still miss my darling Skip! I think about her all the time. Love love her so much *muah*

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Friday, June 3, 2011

In Loving Memory

Our 12-year-old cat Skip died last night, and since then, I have been crying on and off. When I got the news at about midnight last night, I cried until 3am, fell asleep, woke up, got ready for work and I continued crying while I was driving. Even in the office, when no one was around, I could feel my tears flowing.. I never knew that losing a pet could be this hard. I keep telling myself, she's just a cat, just a cat... but no! She's not :( She was family. She has been with us since 1999 and has been a source of joy and happiness for me and my family, especially my girls, for more than a decade and with that I will miss my darling Skip terribly.

I always thought that Skip was not a normal cat. She was very intelligent and thoughful. I remember when once my sister was sad and she locked herself in her room, Skip sat patiently outside the room looking as if she wanted to make sure that my sister was okay.

And I will always remember Skip's reaction when we first brought back Audrene. She was so excited and curious! She ran around and when Audrene was in the cot, she would peak and take a look at Audrene. She even kissed Audrene when she thought that none of us were looking. She was such a sweetheart. And when Audrene cried, she would rush to us as if to tell that the baby's crying and would only go when we have attended to the baby. Oh Skip, we love you dearie :'(

Oh Skip also brought me a 'present' once... a mice!! Hehe! I remembered screaming and jumping around when I saw her with the dead mice and I locked myself inside the room but she just waited outside the door with the mice. I guess she thought I loved the mice because I screamed so much and she wanted to play.. Yes, that's one funny memory.

There are just so many memories with Skip and for now I couldn't bear remembering it because it will bring tears to my eyes. I just can't wait to go back home so I could have a quiet moment and digest all the emotions and memories. It is just too overwhelming right now.

Here's a photo of my darling Skip... May you rest in peace. You will be missed dearly :(

Skip, Sept 1999 - 2 June 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art Workshop

Hurrah! We have found a place to keep Audrene busy for at least 1 1/2 hours. And what's great is that she gets to learn to draw and paint in a very colourful and vibrant class where she could leave a mess and mummy doesn't have to clean up hehe ;)

Here she is... Busy drawing!

Drying her artwork..

Some nice craftswork displayed at the workshop.


And what was Maira doing while waiting for Kakak? Makan....

...and main!!

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