Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yeah I am currently down with dengue fever! Terrible!!!!

But good news is, I am recovering. I don't even need to be admitted because it is not that bad, but yeah, it is still dengue.

I must have gotten it at home because I got it on Sunday so I have already called up MBPJ and requested them to send a team to fog the area asap. There are just too many mosquitos lately. Even with all the antimos, ridsect etc, I could still be bitten by them. Annoying!

My brother was also down with dengue last week. He got it in Shah Alam and my sister was also suspected with dengue. So all of us went through a series of needle-poking and it was NOT fun. I am amazed with Audrene for being able to smile when she did her dengue test last week. She was cleared from it, btw, thank God.

That's all for now. Please keep your home safe from dengue cos it's really painful. Bodyache, fever, headache, alarming red spots all over your body and ofcos the trips to the hospital to check your blood count. Ouchhh!!! But I am thankful that I am ok. Take care.

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