Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aquaria & More

Ayo... long weekend coming to an end!! Sobs!!! I hate Sundays! I dread Sundays!!! I will have to work for 2 whole weeks until my next leave which is during school break. Lamanya lagi!!!

Nonetheless, we had a fun-filled weekend. On Friday, we hung out at the Curve for lunch and later we took the girls to my uncle's place for swimming. Unfortunately it rained, so Audrene managed to play in the pool for a short while saja. But she still had a great time cos she got to play my lil cousin.

Here are some shots at my uncle's. Daddy was trying to tighten Audrene's new goggles.

Audrene and Sofea off to the pool.

Tok Mak ajar Audrene swimming.

And today, we took the kids to Aquaria. It was fun for the kids, lari sana lompat sini. Maira esp like the tunnel. She went in it 3 kali and on the last trip, she refused to hold my hand. She was so amazed by the fishies, tortoise, eels, snakes she saw.

The girls and daddy in the tunnel.

We could touch the fish in this basin but Audrene was a lil bit scared to dump her hand in there cos there were 2 small sharks. Yikes!

Audrene and Maira made friends with the tortoise.

The girls after the trip. Both wearing their new Aquaria t-shirts and both having their fav drink in their fav bottles.

Ok, people, time for me to rest. It's back at work tomorrow :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Maira's 1st Haircut

Hi! How are you all doing? Me, it's the usual. Work, kids, work, kids and during weekends, housework, kids, housework, kids. Quite taxinglah lately. Probably age is catching up. Aiyoh, if only lah I can find a good maid, kan best.

Anyway, am so glad it's a holiday today. My house is all clean because the cleaners dah dtg cuci pagi2 lagi tadi. Now, Audrene tengah siapkan homework and then only we can go out.

Last week, Maira got her first hair cut. She was not happy to let the hairdresser do her hair so Daddy had to hold her tight and the hairdresser only took 2 snips.

Snip snip! And here's Maira with her new fringe :)

As for Audrene, she has developed this interest in baking. So one fine weekend she baked a choc cake for us. Here's the proud lil baker. Sedap. The cake had little colourful stars.

Oh gosh, I have to go. Maira is whining and whining for attention. Bye everyone, have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Holiday Mood :)

I'm currently reading this book:

And later tonite I'll be watching this movie :)

Happy holidays everyone!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Beat Up!

Phew I am so beat up! This 3-day weekend breezes thru so fast, tak sempat nak catch my breath. But I am sooo happy because I dapat sneak out to the gym a few times yay!! Today, tho its a public holiday, was a full day as well. It started early with sending the Audrene to school and Miara to nursery. Then off I went to the gym, then pharmacy, then went to shape my eyebrow, then gi bank pulak etc etc. And since I'm on leave, I picked Audrene up from kindy. She was soooo happy to see me there :) Right after, I brought Audrene to her future school. Saw the officers there, registered and hurrah, secure dah seat Audrene there! After registration, took Audrene on a tour at the school. She loved it ofcos but she asked why were the kids staring at her. I said they must be excited to get a new friend :) After school registration, stopped by at McD because I was sooooo hungry. Nak pengsan rasa. I couldnt believe I forgot to have breakfast!

Now I am finally resting at home but my room is such a mess, huaaaa!!! When it's like this, I wish I had a maid. I wish I could get someone good whom I can trust. At least, when I am flat tired, there's someone to take care of the kids. Ni... adoiiii... mmg no chance la! And you have no idea how messy Miss Maira can be. She's princess messy (like mummy) hehehe ;p

Ok, I'd better try to doze off for at least 30 minutes. Sleepy. Bye y'all, enjoy whatever's left on your public hol!

p/s nak makan apa ek dinner?

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