Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Few Days In 2009!

Ooooh ooooh ooooh I am dead tired so I did not go to the gym today. Didn't do anything in the morning except registered Audrene for another year at Smartreader. She's a big girl! Another year of kindy then off to primary school... Sob sob!!

My body aches and I don't feel like driving out, so I am waiting for food to be delivered to my doorsteps right now. Come on McD, u said it will take 25 minutes. It has been 27 minutes since I called. Dont disappoint me, I am sooooo hungry!

Later today I'll be hanging out at my uncle's place. Nak bawak Audrene and Maira pegi main kat pool. I am still tired but tak pe lah, last week of school holidays and last week of melepak for me too.

Aha.... McD has arrived. Jappp yaaa!!!


A few days ago my sister and I took Audrene to the movie. We watched Alvin & The Chipmunks (I am gobbling my McChicken while typing this. Kena makan cepat2 sbb have to pick up both girls at 230!) We loved the show. Though 1/3 of the time I was on the phone but the I enjoyed the movie, esp the songs. The chippetes were soooo comel. I felt like cuddling and kissing them. Furry, chubby and cute!

Ok, time's up. Back to mummy duty. Pack swimming stuff, pick the girls, buy some munchies, then we wait for my parents to come over and we'll go off together. Chao!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gym Buddy

I thought I could accomplish a lot during my break unfortunately I haven't even accomplished half of the things that I had planned to do *sigh* I have only finished reading two books..TWO! And I haven't started working on my scrapbook. I haven't even gotten to selecting the my...So far, I've only gone to the gym as much as I could and that's it. Haven't been doing anything much but exercising and hanging out with the girls. I have a week left though. Let's see if I can cram some activities next week.

Owh yah, I've been watching A LOT of TV series so that explains why I haven't been doing anything else. I was glued to Brothers & Sisters and the latest season brings me lots and lots of tears. Audrene caught me weeping a few days ago and gave me a big hug. I've also been watching the latest Grey's Anatomy (sedih jugak) and today I've started watching Criminal Minds. This show is scary ok. It's soooo creepy and it scares the sh*t out of me and at times I wonder why I'm doing this to myself. But I like this show, I like it more than CSI. Sgt2 mendebarkan *gulp*

And oooh oooh oooh my sister has started joining me at the gym!! After all these while of being a member I had no idea I could bring a guest during weekends. Rugi rugi! So yesterday I dragged my sister and we stayed there for hours. Exercise exercise then minum2 then exercise (while borak2) and minum2 lagi. Got free fizzy drinks, coffee and tea, tu yang best tu! Both of us bukannya nak lose weight or aiming for a fab bod (eeeks... hehe) ke apa. Kita just need the endorphine rush to stay happy and calm haha! We will once again melepak at the gym tomorrow morning and ada pilates besok... Weee bestnya ada gang kat gym!!

Ok goodnite, I want to get back to the creepy Criminal Minds. Have a great week everyone :-)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Snowing!

Ho ho ho Merry Xmas! And what a great surprise, it was snowing at The Curve! Hehe! Some pics taken after the girls and I watched The Princess & The Frog last night. The movie, btw, was such a fun watch. Audrene and I enjoyed it very much. Audrene laughed and laughed throughout the show while Maira giggled, jumped up and down and scared the sh*t out of org kat kiri kanan depan belakang, danced, turun naik tangga and pooped, yeap pooped, in the cinema. I totally pity the 2 couples who sat beside us cos the smell was erghhhh *funky* :p

We had dinner at Tony Roma's. Hubby, my parents and sister joined us. Maira was soooo happy to have more company. She was smiling from ear to ear :D

Another pleasant surprise! They gave us some complimentary dessert and drinks. They must be in the mood for Xmas already :)

After what I had last night, I'll be spending the day at the gym again today. Got lotsa calories to burn. Chao!

ps I have watched up to Eps 12 (or 13, tak sure) of GGirl Season 3 and Serena is getting on my nerves. Simply irritating! She is not my fav character anymore. Now it's Mr Chuck Bass. After GGirl, I tuned on to Grey's Season 6. Wahhhh I missed a few eps of Season 5 and suddenly in Season 6 McDreamy and Meredith are married, Izzy and Karev are also married, Izzy has cancer and George is ......mmmmm.... am not telling! Haha! But what a drama!! Anyway, I LOVE the show. I think this new season is better that the previous season. Oh my fav character is..... ermmmm....McSteamy..hehehe!

Monday, December 21, 2009

D Girls' Pool Holiday In Penang

We went to Penang for 2 nights on Thursday cos the girls, esp Audrene (ok la, I sebenarnya, hehe), needed a holiday. To her holidaying means hanging out at the pool so we went to look for a place with a nice pool and kids' room just in case the weather's wet. As usual, kita plan lambat so most of the hotels at Batu Feringghi were fully booked. Luckily we managed to get 1 night stay at Parkroyal and the other night at Equatorial.

Here are some photos taken in Penang. This is my darlin' Baby Maira who is 1 yr 4 months now. Ni tengah main at the kiddies room in Parkroyal. The first day we were there it rained cats and dogs so we lepak2 indoor saja.

Baby Maira and Daddy walking to the pool :)

Audrene enjoying her burung puyuh & nasi kandar @ Subaidah.. nyummmm...

Jalan2 at the bazaar depan hotel in Batu Feringghi.

Audrene on a trishaw. Seronok sgt dia naik beca :)

Some pool shots.. Tak takut langsung Audrene main kat slide tu.

At the lobby. Maira was tired after spending a couple of hours in the pool with kakak.

At the garden in Equatorial.

That was 3 tiring days for me. Now we are back in KL and I am enjoying my break by hanging out at the gym. Will be taking the girls to the cinema later today for The Princess & The Frog. I hope it will be entertaining and I hope Maira will enjoy it too. Bye2 and have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm 34!

It's the time of the year again when I add another number to my age. Yeap, it's my birthday today and I haven't been doing anything special. As usual, woke up in the morning but a lil bit early today due to sms beeps - birthday wishes from my loved ones :) Then, siapkan the girls, dropped them at the nursery and off to the gym I went. FF has a new yoga class today and I am excited to try out. I think it's called Hot Flow where you exercise in a warm room. I like it cos it made me sweat more but I have to remember to bring a bottle of water next time. Felt a lil thirsty half-way thru the class.

The rest of the peeps in the class are usuals I think cos their body are much more flexible than mine. All of them can do splits except me who couldn't even slide half-way down :p But it's ok, I hope with practice, my unflexible body can be more flexi sooooon. After yoga, I had my usual cup of coffee at the lounge and hung around for a few minutes. Then off I went to The Curve for errands.

Oooh something happened at The Curve just now. I went to one of the shops to get some stuff. After deciding what to buy, I went to the cashier to pay. I used my debit card and after the transaction completed ie I signed the bill and received the receipt from the cashier, the cashier forgot to pass back my debit card so I had to ask from him. I may be paranoid or I may be wrong but I felt as if he didn't hand me the card on purpose. I thought his 'surprised look' when I asked for my card back was fake. As mentioned, I may be wrong but I hope all of you will be careful. If anyone were to get hold of our debit card, memang they can use it easily cos the transaction doesn't require us to key in our pin no.

Eh nearly 5pm already. Gotto go out sekejap to ambik my sports shoes yg I hantar at the cobbler this morning. Adik cobbler nak balik at 530! Chao!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Seafood @ Hokkaido

We had seafood dinner at Hokkaido last night and it was superb! We ordered salted eggs crab (their specialty), chili prawns, siput sedut, steamed fish and vege. The portion was just nice for us - 3 adults and 2 kiddos - and **kachinggg** it was RM134!!! I was surprised - pleasantly surprised. I am definitely going back for more seafood there. Banyak lagi yang kalau boleh nak order but there were just 3 of us adults, tak habis pulak nanti. Price was really reasonable but most importantly it was super fresh and super delicious. Even Audrene and Maira enjoyed the food. Sgt2 sedap! Oooops have I mentioned that too many times already? Ya, mmg sedap, go eat there everyone!

Here are some pictures of us and Auntie Juya who came back for a short visit from Rome. Didnt take much pics bec was too hungry. We made a mess out of the table btw :p

ps.. Hokkaido is located somewhere near Vistana, KL.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Exercising is Tough!

Omigosh! After months of neglecting the gym, I feel soooooo out-of-breath after the body balance class I attended just now. And boy, I sweat a lot and looked like a half dead puppy at the end of the session. This cannot happen again. I promise myself that I'll go to the gym every day while I'm on leave, unless I'm out-of-town of cos. Mengah ok!

I am having a swell time today. I woke up (late) and sent the girls to the nursery. Then I hit the gym. The instructor was 30 minutes late but it was ok cos I got to read my book while waiting. After gym, I picked up Audrene and went for a roti canai session with her. Now I'm at home, checking FB and updating my blog. Once done, I'll be back reading. Weeeee... heaven! And I'm looking forward to the seafood dinner tonight. We plan to go to Hokkaido in KL. I've never been there before so I hope it's good.

Till later.. Have a great week everyone!


I've just finished these 3 books by Patterson and ok la, I like them all. Fast read. It took me a while to finish Double Cross cos I was busy with work but i took 2 days each to finish Step On A Crack and Sail. Step On A Crack is alright, about a hostage situation in NYC. Sail is a bit predictable and common. Lotsa movies like that on TV - new husband trying to kill the whole family for money. But it was still an enjoyable read.

Now I'm taking a break from Patterson and will be reading these 2 books. I love Sheila O'Flannagan's books :)

And I still have another 2 Patterson books to read...Yay! My mom highly recommends this book.

My long break begins today and I'll be hitting the gym everyday (woohoo!) so ta-ta!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Busy Girls

Some photos taken recently.

This was when we were packing the party packs for her birthday do at the kindie. Baby Maira pun tolong :)

Hmm hmm hmm.... looks a bit naughty here :o ayoyo.. rambut!!!

Audrene during the Ben 10 show. She bought the glow-in-the-dark t-shirt and wore it for 3 straight days!

That's all!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetheart :)

My sweetheart Audrene turns 5 today.. Happy Birthday my hunny bunny.. Love you so very much :)

She had a small birthday do at her kindie this morning and she'll have another party at the daycare centre tomorrow. She's all so happy, especially when she got a surprise birthday present from her teacher... Thanks a lot Teacher Claire :)

Here are some photos taken at her kindie this morning... Till tomorrow!

ps... Oooops party packs utk besok tak siap lagi!

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