Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Attempt To Bake

This happened during my short break. I have never used my oven before so during my recent break, I baked some cupcakes. I had help of course :p

Audrene adding sprinklers

My little baker decorating the half-baked cupcakes

The final product... I know.. don't laugh...they look more like playdoh than cupcakes :p

Haha.. Told ya I'm not great in the kitchen but I just have to try. My brothers swore that the taste was ok. To tell ya the truth, I only managed to eat 3/4 of a cake. I really wonder how my brother and my dad could swallow 2 of these each. Torture!

My spirit however is not dampened. I plan to bake a chocolate cake tomorrow. Audrene is already excited and all-geared up for tomorrow's baking session. Just hope that my sister remembers to bring the recipe with her tonight!

p/s.. After forcing my entire family to drive over for the cupcakes, my little helper Audrene didn't even take a single bite... can you believe that girl? :D

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cute Blogger Award!

Hey hey hey.. Look what I got... An award!!!! Yay yay yay.. Made my day :) Thanks a million Mummy Azan! You have no idea how happy I am :D a receiver of this award, I'm gonna have to:

1. Copy the award and paste in my blog - done
2. Link the person who gave me the award - check
3. List 10 facts about myself that I wish to share with my readers - Ooohh.. I welcome every opportunity to write about myself *wide grin* So here goes...

1. I have gone through labour twice, both with epidural. I have never ever experienced labour pain at its max. I am way too pengecut for it!

2. If there is such thing as previous lives, I think I might have been a cow because I could express and express (and express) my milk and it will flow and flow (and flow). Most times I stop expressing because my tangan lenguh as I'm using a manual pump.

3. I am such a bad cook. Nothing I cook turns out well. Why aaa??

4. I'm a name thief. Yes, I steal names. I stole both of my daughters' names from my friends and I cover it up by proclaiming that they're the girls' godmother.

5. Everyday I will read the gossips on Malaysian artistes in RAP and HIP before I hit the business section. This is what happens when you spend 6 years working in a local TV station :p

6. My favourite place on earth is Disneyland and I hope to bring my kids there when they are bigger and stroller-free.

7. My hubby said I'm a poser. Handbag mahal tapi purse kosong. Excuse me, this is by choice. I takut kena pick pocket.

8. I don't read non-fictions, science fictions and sappy love stories.

9. I eat roti canai with sambal only. I get very upset if the kedai mamak is out of sambal.

10. Now I carry my ipod which is loaded with tv series everywhere (currently showing - Grey's Anatomy Season 5) and I will switch it on at every chance I have - tengah pam, tgh make-up, stuck dlm jam, tgh lunch. It's my new best friend.

Aik.. 10 already? Ok, next, I have to list 10 recipients.. Ni susah ni...5 aje lah.. Cheating :p

1. Adik
2. Shafiq
3. Babychik
4. Seen_er
5. Jasmine Melor

Alrighty..done! Have a great weekend all. I nak sambung Grey's. Goodnite!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Movie and TV Day

Woo hoo...Audrene is at my parents' today so this means that we get to have the tube all to ourselves. Bestnya satu hari without Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Ultraman and Powerpuff Girls! So far, we've watched My Best Friend's Girl and I enjoyed it. The comedy is, however, not suitable for younger viewers because some jokes are a little bit abrasive, but hey, anything with Kate Hudson are worth watching. If not for the story, definitely for the clothes and style.

I've also finished all 13 episodes of Lipstick Jungle (Season 2) last night. I thought season 1 was not so great and seeing Kim Raver as a powerful editor-in-chief was kinda weird after watching her for years as a low-income paramedic in Third Watch. But I like Season 2 (and I think Kirby is cute.. hehe!). Too bad the show has been axed. Another series that I enjoy watching is Cashmere Mafia. Both are created by Sex And The City's creators (LJ by Candace Bushnell & CM by Darren Starr) and both are about girlfriends who are high-flyers in their careers. I watch the show mainly because of the clothes, hair, make up and handbags. They make me drool and motivate me to style up for work. But, unfortunately, it stops there..motivate saja. Every morning bangun lambat so will always end up in the office with a panic, out-of-breath look with hair all out of place :p

Next movie that I'm gonna watch today is Slumdog Millionaire. Heard its a great one. Menang awards and all. So till later.. TTFN (hehe.. learnt this from Lipstick Jungle!).

p/s.. I am clicking from my brand new laptop... a gift from Daddy.. yippee :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

JB Trip

On Saturday, all of us drove down to JB for our cousin's wedding. It was, by the way, my wedding anniversary too :) We left early as we thought the traffic would be bad, but luck was on our side, the traffic was alright to and from JB. It took us about 4 hours + to reach our destination which was not at all bad.

The wedding was at noon and I got there in time for the bersanding. Heee... I love weddings and I love checking out the wedding gown, hantarans, doorgifts, etc etc. They are always very beautiful and prepared with so much thought. And as weddings are the place to meet up relatives, I had a great time catching up with everyone there.

After the wedding, we went back to the hotel to rest for a bit and then off we went to Danga Bay. Danga Bay has this really fun carnival with lotsa rides and games, AND a petting zoo. Cool eh? Audrene of course had the most fun. I think she rode on every ride that she could and she was extra pleased when her uncles and Tok won tons of stickers and a pencil case for her. Hehe.. save mummy $$ on stickers for at least 2 weeks!

Later that night we went for dinner at a place called Restoran Singgah Selalu. The food - SPLENDID! We had seafood - yummm - sedap, fresh and price totally reasonable. There were 8 adults and we ordered crabs, siakap, ikan pari, vege, with glasses and glasses of sirap bandung soda (a Johor delicacy) etc and the bill was not even RM250. Can't get that in KL, right? The food was so good that I even had them while standing when Baby Maira asked to be carried. I swear I left the place with at least 2kg extra. They served this fresh fried buns which we dipped in curry or kuah sambal ketam. The buns were fat and hot and I think I ate 2 or 3 of em. Sedap sangat!

Here are some photos from the trip.. Hmm... wonder who'll be getting married next.. Nak pegi JB lagi!

The restaurant - open air - it's opposite Danga Bay. Do makan there if you are in JB.

Baby Maira kena kendong... suka :)


With bride and groom - Daddy's not in pix :p

Friday, January 23, 2009

Funny Video!

Hi all.. check out the video on this page... SUPER FUNNY!!!

BTW, have survived another week at work and looking forward for more to come. But still, TGIF!!!

I tried something new this week - FISH SPA. Verdict - definitely going for more! At first it was really geli, ticklish, but after about 1 minute of dipping my two feet in the pond, I find the session to be enjoyable. My tired feet felt rejuvenated and soft afterwards.

Hurrah for the long weekend. So many plans and catching up to do - books, family, housecleaning and just as important - my LIPSTICK JUNGLE escapade!

Allright, Gong X Fa Cai & Happy Hols everyone!

p/s... tomorrow's my wedding anniversary :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Audrene & Optimus Prime

I am trying verrrryyy hard not to write about me being stuck in a bad traffic again just now (2+ hours AGAIN... yup... please remind me why am I doing this???). Already I am like a broken record. Enough with my dear friends having to listen and console me on this. From today onwards I am not complaining anymore. In May it will be OVER. Office is moving to PJ. And the super-bad traffic will be over, over, OVER!

After a whole week of work, I made sure I had a great weekend. Didn't do anything much and that made it great. I lazed around and watched 8 episodes of Lipstick Jungle Season 2 back-to-back. Didn't do much of reading, wanted to, but Lipstick Jungle was a stronger magnet. (Hmmm...can I have their clothes and career?? Can I?? When??)

After spending one whole Saturday at home, the whole lot of us went out on Sunday and one of the main agenda was to get Audrene her Optimus Prime. Audrene is a huge fan of Transformers. She first saw the movie a couple of months ago and since then she has to watch the movie at least once a week (sebab school days.. if not she would be watching it every single day).

Last week she asked Daddy if a girl can play with Transformers. When Daddy said yes, she asked me if we can buy for her Optimus Prime. Of course the answer is yes. Audrene has been such a good girl lately. She wakes up on time without any fuss in the morning and gets dressed by herself. We also got great reviews about her in school. So to reward her, Optimus Prime it is.

We bought the Lead Autobot (Audrene insists it's Aurobots, not Autobots.. sampai gaduh2 dengan Mummy) at The Curve and lepas tu tak sabar2 nak balik to play with it. I was secretly excited too. Buying the robot brought me back to my own childhood. As I have two brothers, I grew up with boys' toys all around me. Kinda weird cos I can't recall my own toys except for the many boardgames that I had yet I can perfectly remember my brothers' He-Man, Masks, Star Wars, etc. Probably I spent too much time reading Enid Blyton books that I didn't play with my own toys or probably my brothers' toys were wayyyy too exciting.

So today we'll have a new friend joining us in bed. Yup.. whenever Audrene buys a new toy, she'd like the toy to sleep with us for a while. When she bought Ultraman, Ultraman stayed with us for a bit in bed. After a week or so, he slept under our bed to 'guard' us. When she was smaller, Barney and Dora used to snuggle in our comforter too :)

Ok, friends, gotta continue with my nightly routine.. Bottles, clothes, books and if there's time, would like to continue with Lipstick Jungle. Goodnite!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Day To Go!

Another 2 + hours was spent in the car today (or tonight). Driving back is BAAAADDDDD! I was so frustrated yesterday that I screamed in the car like a mad woman. I don't know, probably I am taking the wrong route back home, probably there's another shorter way but wthatever it is I can't wait for the office to move to PJ. If the traffic is still bad there pun, at least I don't have to drive to KL. What I hate most about being stuck in the jam is the kids being stuck at the nursery. Kesian Kakak and Adik :(

So another day to go before the weekend! I can't wait!

p/s.. went to Pavilion during lunch. GUCCI'S ON SALE!!!! How aaa???

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back @ Work

Fun's over... I am now back to being a working mom. First day was tough because I missed my two munchkins terribly. And just when I was soooo excited that the day was finally over, it started to rain and grrrr.... it took me TWO hours to get to the kids' nursery and ANOTHER 30 MINUTES to reach home. Driving to work itself took me 1.5 HOURS. Ha.. Cuba kira berapa lama I dalam kereta tadi. Imagine how flat I was during dinner (but nasib baik dinner sedap... daddy masak nasi lemak...yumm). I really hope the traffic is going to be better tomorrow. It was just so so bad just now. I felt like leaving by car and run back home tapi hujan pulak!

However, the great thing is, I think my new office is alright. The people are friendly, the office is very very near Pavilion (not good for the purse, I know) and phew, I don't have to wear covered shoes all the time. My feet can't take covered shoes.. memang.tak.boleh. Today I wore covered shoes and now my feet are suffering from nasty blisters. Doesn't matter kasut brand apa.. mahal ke murah ke... all will bite my feet.

Alright people, gotta go prepare for tomorrow. Same routine everyday. Sebelum tidur, kemas barang. Clothes and diapers in the nursery bag. Sterilised nipples for Baby Maira. Sterilised (and dated) bottles and pump for me. Check Audrene's school bag. Prepare her school uniform... and the list goes on and on.... ya...ini lah kerja saya tiap-tiap hari kerja...tapi I happy now sebab sikit lagi I can baring2 and hug my 2 munchkins who are sound asleep in my bed.

Goodnite everyone and have a great week ya :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Of Milestones & Progresses


First, Baby Maira can now glide forward!! She took 3 glides before she rested her head and smiled widely at me. She must be so excited herself. Hence this means no more baring2 on the bed without supervision - even with pilliows by the side!

Second, I can now fit into most of my pre-pregnancy pants!!! But ermmm... can only fit 'em in and zip 'em up. Still looks soooooo tight that I couldn't actually wear them yet. I give myself another month. Looks like all the yoga, pilates (ooohh.. did I mention a few days ago I berpilates next to Umie Aida the actress? She's so terrer) and BB classes are not a waste. I am definitely continuing with weekend classes once I start work (this Monday! Gulp!).

The house is so quiet because there're only me and baby at home. Daddy's out golfing and Audrene is at her weekend getaway.. where else kalau bukan rumah grandparents! I am going to laze around the whole day and finish up yet another one of Patterson's books - Beach Road.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Maira @ 5 Months

Baby Maira turned 5 months a few days ago. She was born on August 6, 2008. Could have waited for August 8, 2008 (08/08/08) but we expected that day to be super busy for the hospital and as we wanted all the attention we could get, we decided to go for August 6. Baby Maira was induced at 37 weeks, and her birth weight was 3.6kg. Tu yang kita induce tu... Mummy couldn't move anymore :p

This is our little chatterbox.. my little teddy bear :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mummy and Audrene's Day Out

Once a week, Audrene and I will have an outing together - just the 2 of us. The venue is usually The Curve because that's the mall closest to the nursery and our home. We have a standard routine. We'll start with ice cream at Audrene's favourite ice cream shop, what else if it's not Baskin Robbins :). Then we'll go to either MPH or Borders because Audrene loves to browse around bookstores and tekan2 all books yg ada bunyi. She will usually buy 1 or 2 books and most times they are sticker books. After that, if we have time (sometimes we'll rush back to meet Daddy for dinner and now we need to go back to the nursery to pick up Baby Maira), we'll lepak at Starbucks. Audrene will play with her sticker books and I will have sometime to relax with a cuppa while tengok2 org.. Check out other ladies' handbags, clothes, rambut.. hehe!

So today is going to be another Mummy-Audrene Day and I am looking forward to it. Nanti later later when Baby Maira is bigger she will be joining us too. Now cannot cos I can't handle 2 kids at one time alone. Mummy cannot run as fast as Kakak. But I can't wait for that day to come - from an outing of a duo to a trio.. Mesti fun!

Ooops.. need to get ready. I've had had 2 great days in a row. Yoga, facial, yoga, pedi, yoga, shopping, yoga, FOOD... heheh!

Here are some pix from our previous outing:

Audrene browsing for books

Tiba2 Audrene nak pose next to these reindeers :)


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scrapbooking is Fun!

After a few hours, the pages are nearly done. They are all a lil bare, in need of more embellishments - more little flowers, stickers, ribbons here and there - so I will happily make another trip to Papier tomorrow. Me first-timer.. terkial2 tampal stickers and nasib baik my 2 munchkins are at the daycare.. can peacefully concentrate :)

Some of the pages that I'd like to share:

My 2 little girls @ 1-day old... Muka sama kan?

Baby Maira smiling away

Audrene the Little Mermaid

Playing dress up

Tak sah kalau tak ada gambar birthday... Audrene LOVES birthdays (and tiaras!)
Now with Maira, we get to have TWO birthday parties in a year... Hooray!!

If you go to the shop, there are lotsa pages that have been creatively decorated on display. Cantik sangat2. Unfortunately, I am not so creative. I pakai tampal2 saja. But hmmm...probably tomorrow I'll go over there and ermmm.. curi some ideas. Hehe...Why not kan? :p

Friends, if you haven't tried scrapbooking, I totally recommend it. It is just so much fun choosing the stuff and dressing up the pages. Click here for info. I see that they even have workshops. Have fun y'all!


I have always wanted to start a scrapbook for my girls but could never find the time. So since I have a few days left before I start my new job next week (yahoo!)..I decided to add scrapbooking to my list of holiday projects (other projects in the list are baking *DONE* and working out *AM A GYM BUNNY NOW.. YEEHA!* ).

So off I went to The Curve and browsed at this cool shop located on the 1st floor:

After about an hour of checking out what they have and after being consulted by their friendly and helpful staff, I bought these and happily went home:

The Album....Chose the smaller one. First time try.. Tak nak over ambitious :)

The sweet, colourful stickers, alphabets and embellishments
Aren't they cute? Pink and girly, just right for my 2 sweetie pies

And these are the photos that I have...
Ooooo... can't wait to start my project. Will post pics of completed pages soon. Till later!

Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day of School

Just got back from sending Audrene to her first 'real' school. She looks so smart in her uniform. I think she is excited herself cos this morning she woke up without any fuss, terus mandi, pakai baju and had her breakfast.

She was also alright when I sent her off. She saw her nursery friend, Ismail, there but they just stared at each other. Didn't say hi, didn't even smile, probably both were feeling a little bit overwhelmed in the new environment. There were kids crying and whining, but most were happy and chirpy to be there.

Ooooh... nearly 11 already. Gotta go back to the kindie. Audrene has been to school since she was a baby but this time I don't know why I had tiny tears in my eyes when I dropped her just now. I can't help but to feel double proud of my little girl who is now in a 'real' school :)

Will post pics later.. have a great week everyone!

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