Thursday, January 12, 2012

School Hols

Its back to school!! Can't believe that 6 weeks can just fly by like that. So fast! Well anyway, we didn't go anywhere far during this school break because I wanted to just relax and chill. Didn't want any traveling as I had such a busy quarter. So, Audrene and Maira had their school hols activities within our house viccinity and there were so many interesting activities that they could do.

Summarizing what they did..

Audrene enrolled in Marche's baking class. She made buns, gingerbread cookies, cupcakes and pizza.


Maira enrolled in musis class which she loves so much!

Ermmmm Maira also drove us to PD one day ;)

We spent 2 nights at Avillion and the girls announced that Avillion is the best hotel in the world :D

Maira danced to Nobody But You at Avillion. Dia mmg dah lama teringin nak perform btw ;)

Love this place...

Audrene's last class at Marche. She made pizza...

....but it was Maira who enjoyed the food!

So that was their school break.. Looking forward to the CNY break now.

And yay.. Thank God it's Fri tomorrow!!!

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