Monday, March 22, 2010

Unlucky Week

Goshhhh so many things to talk about but always so little time to spend on the net. The girls are demanding so much attention lately, so I dont have the heart to spend too much time in front of the laptop. But now I am stealing some time while Audrene's singing on my bed (pretending to be in a concert) and Maira's playing with her blocks. I probably have 10minutes tops so quickly I type ya!!

Ok, what have I been up to lately? We went to PD for a short break during the school holiday. Didn't do anything there except lepak at the pool. We stayed at this quite newly refurbished hotel by the beach and urgh was I disappointed with it. That's why I didnt mention the name of the hotel cos I have tons of complaints. Grrrrr!

Firstly, when we reached there, it was about 5pm and our room was not ready tho check-in time was at 3. Then, while waiting for our room, Maira walked around the lobby and accidentally bumped her mouth onto the piano's stool and bled. She bled quite badly and stained her blouse but none of the staff bothered to help. We asked for some ice from one of the staff only to be asked to go to the nearest cafe. Tak de org pun at the lobby but the staff didnt offer any help to us. No concern even. The hotel staff didnt seem to know first aid and I bet they didnt even have a first aid kit. Both hubby and I panicked but luckily Maira was fine right after we got to our room. The cut wasnt that bad. The bleeding stopped and when we took out her swimming suit from the luggage, she was immediately in a chirpy mood. But still, the hotel need to train their staff better. Or at least remind them to have some compassion.

Then, another setback was that the kiddies' pool was sooooo cold! Seriously freezing!! I heard so many complaints from the parents. The kids, including Maira, was shivering. Weird cos the bigger pools were just nice. But unfortunately Audrene was too small for the bigger pools so we had to hang out at the kiddies' pool hence menggigil2!

Since the pool was so cold, I had to run off to the loo. And take a wild guess on the condition of the bathroom?? Geram ok!!! There were human feces in one of the cubicles!!! Imagine that!! You will never find that in US or London or Spore right?? I immediately looked around for a hotel staff and told him abt the bathroom's condition. I said please PLEASE do not take this lightly as there were tourists around. Malu! And did I mention that this is a 5-star hotel? 5-star ok, and not some dodgy chalets. Again, geram!!!

But since the girls enjoyed their stay there, tho menggigil and all, I enjoyed the short break because of the girls. The hotel however should really buck up. It's a 5-star hotel and it's not cheap but the condition really sucks. Not fair la kan? At least, take care of the cleanliness. No excuse at all for having really dirty washrooms. And their excuse for not having our room ready on time was there was only ONE housekeeping staff cleaning the rooms. Hai mana boleh macam ni kan?

Hokay, that was PD. A few days before PD, Audrene had an ill tummy so I took her to the clinic near home. While parking, I saw something that I thought was a little bit off and it took a few seconds for me to compute.. OMG!!! A totally 'clothless' guy!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! I immediately reversed by car and went straight to the police station which was about 200m away. The '100% clothless' guy must be mentally ill (kesian dia). He was washing himself in front of an empty shoplot. I told the policeman to check him out. Mana lah tahu, if he suddenly became harmful. It was at 10am and the area was already busy. Banyak kedai there, dangerous but I also wonder if other people saw him. Gosh, a number of people must have freaked out on that Sunday morning!

Ok, folks, time to tuck the girls in. Goodnite everyone n have a great week ahead!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Petua Ulcer Mulut

I'd like to share this petua. If sakit mulut because of ulcers, makan jambu air. Kena2kan the juices to the ulcer, and within minutes you'll feel the pain subside. I have a couple of ulcers in my mouth so I've just had one whole water apple about 15 minutes ago and the pain in my mouth is now gone! Amazing!

At last, both girls are nicely tucked in bed. They are double active lately and tengah syok main with each other. I think I'll join them now since mulut dah tak sakit. Goodnite everyone. It's Friday tomorrow!!! Hurrayyyy!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am never ever ever ever EVER going to wax my legs again!!!! Guess what happened to me when I switched the type of wax? Really horrible, disgusting allergic infection!!! They are not JUST rashes but spots with pus!!! Yikes!!!!! And my legs are both swollen, especially my left leg where even the ankle swells. So I am at home on medical leave today. Sakit sgt2 kaki, cant get into my shoes. And even by lying down the whole day doesnt help. Painful!!!!

Mmg I seriously ban myself from waxing ok. No more waxing!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Arman In Da House

Hello!! I'd like to introduce Baby Arman, my lil nephew. He popped out last night at about 11.30pm and I think he is just sooooooooo cute!!!

Muah muah muah muahhhhh!!! Gerammm!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Waiting & Waiting

We are all waiting for Baby Arman to pop out!!

My first ever nephew!!!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Priv Practice

I love this show!!! I am so happy it's back on TV. Yippee yippee yippeeeee!!!!!! So Audrene n Maira, please sleep early on Thursday nites ya?

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