Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ariel & Mowgli

There is never a dull moment with my little bunnies. There will always be activities that will either make me jump for joy or cry for help. And tonite, unfortunately it's the latter *grump*

Audrene got a new Ariel costume today and Adik was really, really upset. We we couldn't find a size for her. And when Audrene showed her the Ariel costume, Adik kept saying cantik! nak! cantik! nak!! When she knew she wouldn't get one, to protest, she took off her pants and diapers AND shishi-ed on my bed. Yup, you read right. My little angel peed on my bed. Stress ok!!!!

Here are both girls. To pujuk Adik, the best I could do was to put on her swimsuit. Check out her crumpled face as I was taking Audrene's pix. Still pissed off over the costume!

Here are the girls after 30 minutes. Maira took off her swimsuit and started playing with her powder. Habis satu bilik!!!

Playoing dress up? Ariel & errrrr Mowgli?!

And what are they doing now? Geared with wet tissues, both girls are cleaning the mess. At least.. haha!! Ok everyone, goodnite, sweet dreams :)

ps Did you watch AI?? I know C did better than L but I still want L to win!!!! Am gonna keep my fingers crossed for him!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Camel Ride & More!

What a busy weekend we had!! And I am now 2 tones darker... huaaa!!!!

So where did we go to? Melaka! We drove down to Melaka and stayed at AFmosa for one night. I haven't been there for years and I am happy to say that the place rocks! We went to the waterpark and cow.boy town. The waterpark was not that full yesterday, probably because it rained most of the day. We however got lucky because when we reached the park, it stopped raining. We had lunch, played for 2 hours and then it started raining again. That was when we said to the girls... cukup cukup!

In the evening, we went to the cow.boy town. We reached there just in time for the show which was not bad at all. I was impressed with the Msian red indians (hehe) and their fire show. Entertaining you.. Haha!

Today, before driving back home, we stopped by at the park again because Audrene wanted to ride on the elephant, pony and camel. Audrene memang will not want to miss any rides so we had to bring her there or else... hehe. We reached there a bit early as the rides started at 11am. So kita pun tunggulah dalam kepanasan :p Thought of going for reflexology while waiting, but itu pun was closed and only opened at 12. Audrene of cos had fun while waiting, and even made a new friend much to Maira's irritation because Maira was sooooo afraid of her kakak's new 'friend'!

Some pix of our Melaka trip:

This is Maira after spending 2 hours in the water. Hungry so makan corn in a cup. No sharing ya!!!

The red indian show.

This is us enjoying the show :)

Audrene feeding the elephant while waiting for the next show to start. Elephant makan tebu!

The girls after a long day :)

Audrene at the golf club after breakfast.

Audrene and her new friend.

Elephant ride.

Wahhhh..Maira suka!!

Audrene naik pony.

I like this pony Mummy!

The girls and daddy feeding the elephant and camel.

Camel ride! The visitors were impressed because Audrene rode on it alone. It was too hot for Mummy :p

Ice cream time!


And yes, we would love to go back there again!!

Have a great week everyone... Muahhhh!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Will This Ever Stop?

Did you read the paper today? This really breaks my heart. When will this stop? It's just too often nowadays that little kids are abused. Why??? If you don't like kids, why do you take care of them for a living? Please don't do this. Please don't harm them. They don't know anything. And imagine the family of the abused victims. Imagine what they have to go through.

A few weeks back, I was walking around KL Sentral and I saw a little kid about Maira's age happily running around. The little girl was smiling broadly until her mommy who was on the phone caught her and slapped her at least THREE TIMES. How could she?? She was running at an empty area so it was safe. When she was hit, the girl looked so shocked and then she cried and cried. I was so shocked myself. If they were closer, I would have yelled at the mom. That's abuse, don't you know that??

Gosh... I can get really emotional about this matter. Who wouldn't right?

Anyway, on a happier note. How was your weekend? Mine was alright. The two highlights were a birthday party at Jungle Gym and a mummy-daughter movie session with Audrene (while Maira napped..hehe). What movie did we watch? You could never have guessed... it was PS I Love You! Haha!

In the middle of the movie, Audrene turned to me and asked... Mummy, ada tak mummy rasa nak nangis? I answered yes... Then she said saya pun... saya rasa airmata nak keluar Ayo... ada perasaan rupanya my little princess! We watched the movie till the end and she loved it. But she did say that it was a bit too sad for her. Later in the evening, she watched New Moon and shyly whispered to me saya suka Jacob. Ayoyo....

Is she growing up too fast? Hmmm, I dont know. But I could see that she has developed more emotion and has become more and more sensitive towards the surroundings. And of course, she is more protective than ever of her little sister whom she loves and adores to bits. I caught her patting and kissing the sleeping Maira's cheek just now and I thought that was sweet :)

Ok people. Way past my bedtime. Suddenly my eyes and head feel very heavy. Goodnite, sweet dreams.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Bye Bye Baby

Sob sob my brother and his family moves to Ipoh today and he brought with him my lil nephew :(

Yesterday while my brother was packing, my SIL and Baby hung out at my place. He just turned 2 months but he's like a big boy already *hugs*

Here's Baby with his 2 doting cousins :)

Ofcourse we will all go to Ipoh and visit, but till then, we'll miss you very much.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brownie and Whitey No More

Audrene saw her first death a few days ago when my parents' neighbours' dogs died and she is still saddened by it.

On the way home from my parents' after knowing that the dogs had died, she kept saying saya sedih lah mummy, saya sedih. Saya kenal dogs tu.. Dogs tu kenal saya. The dogs would usually greet her whenever she arrived at my parents'. Now, no more doggies to wag their tails at Audrene :(

2 days ago on her way to school, Audrene was quiet. I thought she was thinking about her old friends whom she misses very much too. When I asked she said she was thinking about the dogs and she was sad... oh's ok kakak, give it some time and you'll feel ok.

It's not good seeing your kids sad isn't it?


Thursday, May 6, 2010


I can't believe I cried when Aaron got kicked out tonite. I was not even a fan!

Audrene wants Crystal to win but mummy votes for Lee :)))

Oooops way past my bedtime. Too excited to sleep cos just confirmed bookings for next holiday. Yippeee!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fun At TC

I am burnt! We went back to Kuantan over the weekend and it was soooo hot there. We went to the beach when the sun was right on top of our heads but of cos the girls didnt mind. They were both burnt too. They havent fully recovered from being their PD tan and now they are wayyyy darker!

Here are some pics of the girls at Teluk Cempedak. We went there on Labour Day so the place was packed.

Hehehe Maira smiling gleefully after a couple of hours at the beach :p

Maira's going to a new school tomorrow. I hope she will be ok there. The place looks good and I like the fact that it is not run and owned by one owner. It's a franchise and it looks structured. I am giving this place a try but will ofcourse do my own checking. After what happened at the old place, susah nak trust dah.

Audrene, on the other hand, will start her piano class at the same school which she goes to for her ballet. So senang, in one trip she can cover both piano and ballet :)

Ok everyone. I need to selongkar my room. I have misplaced my purse and have been looking high and low for it but tak jumpa. Actually I suspect Maira took it out from my handbag this morning but hmmmm mana agaknya???


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