Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sports Day

Kakak had her sports day yesterday and it was fun tho the weather was really hot. She took part in sukaneka and won #2!!

Waiting for the game to start. She's in blue house which was leading yesterday.

And here's kakak's #1 supporter :) Adik nak ambik gambar kakak lahhhh!. Hehe.. Happy sunday everyone!

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Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy valentine's dayyy!!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bali!! In The Sea With Dolphins!

Hellooooo!!! Happy CNY everyone!

We went to Bali on Saturday and oh my my this time around I would say that we should have stayed LONGER!!!! We went for two amazing outdoor trips to Turtle Island and Sanur for dolphins. We LOVED both adventures!!!! Audrene had a great time touching, cuddling and playing with the animals that are usually in the wild or close to extinction.

On our 2nd day, we went to Turtle Island and had a grand time with the turtles, snakes (Audrene suka!!), eagles, hornbills, bats. Will post pics on this trip soon. On our 3rd day, we went for our much-awaited dolphin trip. The area was somewhere near Sanur. There were a few groups of tourists and we were all gathered for a short briefing by the guide. After the briefing, life jackets were distributed and we were ready to go! The boat trip to the deep sea where the dolphins were was a short one. Not even 5 minutes, which was good because all of us were so excited to meet the dolphins.

Here are some photos from our hour-long session with the dolphins. We were happy cos we got to play with 2 dolphins - Veda and Jasmin!

This is Jasmin. She's 12 and she weights 110kg. Heavy ok!!! She eats 8kg of fish everyday. 2kg/meal. WOW!

Welcome kiss for brave lil Audrene *Muahhh*

Maira sat at the stairs. A lil bit scared of the friendly Veda :)

Jump Jasmin jump!

A BIG FAT kiss for me *love love*

We threw the hoop and Veda took it back to us. Clever boy! Veda is 4 years old btw and he weights about 80kg.

Jasmin likes to play ball too!

I bet Audrene wished she could take Jasmin home...cos Mummy wants to keep Jasmin too! Really these dolphins are sooo manja!

Thank you Jasmin!

Jasmin wanna kiss Maira toooo!

Another big hug!!!

Jasmin said bye bye to us. It was NOT easy leaving the dolphins!!!! They were so cute, playful, loving and WONDERFUL!!!

On our way back to mainland. Thank you dolphins and all the fun guides for such an awesome memorable experience!!!!

For those who are planning to go to Bali, do take a trip to Sanur for this one-of-a-kind adventure. You can check out their website for more info It's really worth it!!!

And of course, we also took a short stroll by the Kuta Beach before we went home on the 4th day. Main plan here was to braid Audrene's hair :)

This was taken on our flight back. Maira slept all the way... Yippeeeeee! Heheh!!

I agree... :)

We had a FANTASTIC 4 days stay in Bali. Will post more pics soon!! Till then, have a happy holiday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're Backkk!!

We are back from Bali!!!

We had such a GREAT time playing with dolphins, turtles, eagles, and Audrene even played with SNAKES and BATS!!!

Will write more soon!!! Happy CNY and happy holidays!!

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