Sunday, July 26, 2009

Too Short A Weekend

Doncha think that there should be 3 days in a weekend? 2 days are simply not enough. I was outstation until lunchtime yesterday so that made this weekend extra short :(

Today was kinda busy for me. Audrene had full-dress rehearsal for her ballet concert. I had to send her to school in full make-up 30 minutes before rehearsal started because she needed to change to her costume. Of course I was late!! Grrr!! But phew, I still managed to arrive before the photo shoot so Audrene was fine. I was amazed to see the older girls transforming the little kids in just a couple of minutes. Before I knew it Audrene was already in her costume with a very neat ponytail. Very fast indeed!

This is Audrene after she was all made up. Sitting and waiting with her friends.. Muka serious. Probably malu because I was the only mom who brought a camera. The teachers were extra garang today because they had to shoo the parents away. They were all busy testing their costumes and getting ready for photo shoot. Kecoh kalau parents ada.

Ahaha.. my make up colours are all in natural and earth shades so Audrene's make-up was not as vibrant as some other girls.. Sorry sweetheart. I'll make sure I'll buy more colourful makeup for your concert!

After ballet, Audrene and I singgah at the park because Daddy brought Maira there. Maira sekarang nak try diri and jalan all the time. She didn't even want me to hold her hands tadi. Nak jalan sendiri! Big girl dah!!

Here's another picture of Maira on Audrene's 'inhouse transportation'.. Hehehe!

Ok everyone, goodnite! Both Audrene and Maira are well tucked in bed. I pun nak rest. Sleepy dah. Bye bye!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

On A Marathon

...Without A Trace marathon! Me running in a marathon? Yeah right, not in this life kot... Hahahaha!

I am glued to my ipod cos my hubby has uploaded it with episodes of WAT. I am soooo happy! I have also bought Sophie Kinsella's latest book "Twenties Girl". I am so excited!!! Must remember to bring it to my offsite meeting tomorrow!!!

Now I memang have no chance to watch TV because Audrene controls the remote... Grrr! Its 616 ALL THE TIME! And it's Tom & Jerry EVERY NIGHT!!!! Tapi tak pe, I ada WAT in my ipod :)

Gotto go gotto go.. Maira just took 3 steps on her own!!!! Yay!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Driving Baby

Hellooo everyone! Been very quiet from my end. Have been busy busy busy with work and these 2 little munchkins.

Maira horse-riding :)

Maira driving... hehe

And guess what?? Baby Maira is turning ONE next month!!! Can you believe it?? Time really flies! Oh my!!! Where is my little baby? Dah besar!!

As for the kakak, she can read more fluently now. Dah tak payah nak eja kuat2 sangat. Looks like I dah tak boleh nak code2 or eja2 dah. She can spell already! Audrene is also practising hard for her ballet concert. Next Sunday she'll have a photo shoot and I will have to send her to school with full make up. Wee.. excitednya saya!

At work, it has been busy but not that bad. I can still jalan2 at Pavilion and KLCC during lunchtime. Ahhhh.. sale is everywhere but unfortunately I am broke. I am always broke lately, I don't know why... sob sob! But there's this handbag boutique which has GREAT discounts.. I am so tempted... but no no no... I'm broke broke broke!!

Alright people, have to tengok the girls. From where I am seated now I can see that the 2 munchkins nak start buat bersepah mainan. Goodnite!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baby Maira's First Step! Yay!

Wee hee hee! Baby Maira took her first step this afternoon!!! Hooray Baby Maira!! She's turning 11 months next week and growing fast. Can't believe she's turning 1 next month!!!! Fast fast FAST!

Owh I feel like summing up the week...

1. Work - busy as usual but at least one project is nearly done.. phew!

2. Audrene - ballet is keeping her busy. In addition to her weekly class, she now attends rehearsal during weekends, both Saturday AND Sunday. So we all cannot go anywhere until her MEGA concert is over.

3. Baby Maira - demam a little on Thursday and Friday but recovered well and took her first little step today :)

4. Shopping - Just realised that I haven't done any shopping for MONTHS!! MONTHS!! I need new clothes (and shoes and handbags and make up..etc etc)!!!!

5. Weight - I think I have gained some... gulp!

6. MJ - I feel sad about MJ... I grew up listening to his songs :(

That's all! Oh ya... I have also stopped expressing milk at work. So now Baby takes formula during daytime. I felt sad in the beginning but now I'm ok. Maira takes formula well, and as for me, I feel less hungry now ;) But hey maybe that's why I feel like I've gained weight :o

Gotta go.. Audrene is already crying because I am not giving her my laptop. It's already 11.30pm!!! Time to sleep!!! Ok, goodnite everyone, enjoy your weekend!

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