Friday, November 27, 2009

Maira's 1st Word

Woohoo!!!! Maira has successfully said her first word.... "Keeeeep!"... she was calling our old, fat family cat!

And guess what she's doing now? She's trying to put on her t-shirt with a very wide grin :D Audrene and Daddy are out watching Ben Ten... Bila they all nak balik ni...I'm bored (and hungry)!

Oh yah I'll be on loooooong leave soon (yippee!) and I've found an activity to keep me busy. Remember that I started a scrapbook during my previous looong holiday? I am going to pick up where I left and this time I'll even enrol in the classes. My colleague's wife teaches scrapbooking at the Curve and I've decided to attend her classes. Tak sabar!

Erghhh why la there's always nothing good to watch on TV? Nasib ada my all-time favourite Friends which I can watch over and over again. Ehhhhh ada Edward Cullen on 712... Bye y'all!

Happy Belated Birthday

.... to my blog! It turned 1 on 25 Nov. I planned to drop a post on that day but ofcourse I forgot :p

It's Raya Haji today and we'll be going to my parents' for lunch. Later in the afternoon Audrene and Daddy will be going to watch the Ben 10 show. She's sooo excited about it. Me? I'm all excited because I'll get to watch New Moon tomorrow night... weeheehee!

Audrene's birthday is just around the corner and of course she's counting the days. I promised her 2 celebrations at her kindie and the nursery. She prefers a birthday party but with soooo many happenings in my life right now, I don't have the extra energy to organise a birthday party.

Ok everyone... got to go. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha and happy long weekend!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh boy...

I am sooo happy because I managed to clean up the girls' playroom. I threw away 3 big plastic bags full of broken toys, incomplete puzzles and yucky play dough. Next, I will sort the toys accordingly so it will be easier for the girls to look for their toys hence tak bersepah sangat. Usually, after 2 days, the room will look as if it just went through a tornado. My late grandma used to say that I sepahkan my room macam kapal pecah whenever my colour pencils berterabur but I tell you my girls can sepahkan their stuff kalah kapal pecah. For instance, guess what Maira is doing at this exact moment? Dia tengah sweetly keluarkan Chachos from its bag ON MY BED. Urgh... Maira!!!! Grrrrr!

Oh dah start gaduh dengan kakak pulak... Dua2 dah nangis... Ok, bye everyone!


Ergh.. I don't feel great today, my body aches and I can't sleep. And I have clothes in the washing machine now so have to wait sampai habis basuh baru boleh tido. Gosh, my house is a total mess, esp the girls' playroom. Macam kena tornado! So tomorrow morning, the cleaners will dtg for 3 hours instead of the usual 2 hours because I need one of them to clear up the playroom. Bersepah sgt, rimas!

Anyway, took the girls to a birthday party at 1 U this afternoon. Both had loads of fun. Kakak of course bought a pressie for herself when we went to the toy shop before the party to get presents for the birthday girls. She added another Barbie to her collection. I've lost count berapa dia ada. Tadi she bought one of the Muskateers. Adik didn't buy anything and guess what... when we reached home and Kakak started playing with her new Barbie, Adik got upset cos she didn't get a new toy... Halamak... sorry... this won't happen again sweetie pie! Next time Adik will get a new toy too ok ;p

And tomorrow I HAVE to go to the gym of I will continuously live in guilt. My membership has been reactivated for MONTHS and never once I pegi. Rugi ok! So tomorrow I kena pegi. Have to have to have to!

Ooops 1230am! Gtg sidai baju and I also want to finish my book. Goodnite and have a great Sunday tomorrow!

ps.. I am out of GGirl to watch :(

Friday, November 20, 2009


I will not be able to sleep until this is over. I hope it will be over soooon.. tomorrow hopefully... please :(

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chicken Pox

Aiseh... Audrene's supposed to have her Smart Reader concert tomorrow and she's down with chicken pox! What a let down! She has this really pretty Korean dress and she also has a line in Mandarin.. Hmmh :(

But what's good is that she's ok. She took the vaccine when she was smaller so when she got it now it's not bad at all. Very slight fever and minimal poxes. I hope she gets well soon cos boring mummy, tak de gang nak lepak :p

Ooops gtg.. Baby Maira dah bangun. We are hanging out at my parents', our sickbay.. hehe..

Monday, November 9, 2009


My office dah pindah PJ... Yippeee!!! Even tho no more KLCC and Pavilion, I am ok cos no more traffic jam yang berjam2... wee hee!

That's all... Goodnite!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fingers Crossed

It's nearly the end of the year!! Cepatnya masa!! It has been an eventful year, full of ups and downs but watever it is, I still have some fun in store for me seperti:

1. Audrene's Smartreader's Concert next week
2. Audrene's birthday which I have decided to celebrate at Smartreader and her nursery. Ingat nak buat birthday party but tak cukup energy pulak.
3. My birthday... oh well

I hope there are more things to celebrate. I am keeping my fingers crossed for something that I really, really want and I am patiently waiting for it. I hope I'll get it soon.

BTW, did any of you catch MJ's This Is It? I hope you did because it was amazing. I watched the movie with my whole family, the girls, my parents, my adik beradik, everyone lah and all of us loved it.

As for updates on the girls, Audrene is hooked to chewing gum. She can also read much better now and I am so proud of her. Maira is getting more and more 'creative'. Tadi dia berdiri on the rattan horse and panjat tangga while Daddy was fixing the lightts. Also, just like me, she loves tosei.. hehehe!

Ok, gtg tidokan the girls. Have a great week everyone :)

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