Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Graduate

My little princess is a little graduate!

Audrene's kindy had their annual concert and graduation 2 weeks ago, a day after her spa party. When I first saw the programme, I was alarmed - 17 performances by 6 schools.. OMG! How am I going to last until the end of the concert? But guess what, I actually enjoyed it. It was fun watching cute little kids dancing and jumping on stage. They were so so so cute!

Audrene's class performed a native dance. They practiced for more than 4 months and I just love their costumes. The teachers definitely put in a lot of effort and I appreciate it very much. Audrene spent 2 years at the kindy and she learnt so much and had a great time there. The teachers were the best!

Pix from the concert... Maira all geared up for kakak's show!


Yay I have a scroll!

With her bestie :)

Finale song with classmates

Awwww so long kindy and hello new school in 2011! Mummy's so proud of you dearie *muahhh*

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Audrene's Birthday Spa

Audrene's birthday is getting very very near. She's turning 6 on 1st December!!!! My lil baby is a big girl now, she's starting Std 1 next year!! How time flies!!!

A couple of weeks back, when I was browsing for some birthday ideas for Audrene, I found a kids spa and it was located at Mont Kiara. That's not far so I made some calls to ask about the packages and I loved what I heard! And when I spilled the idea to Audrene she loved it too. So I told her to list 5 of her most favourite friends and we'll invite them to the spa.

We decided to have the party earlier cos.... we couldnt wait!! Hehe! So that's why we had it this morning ;)

Activities for the day were pedicure, hairdo and facepainting. Here are some pics from this morning.

Audrene chose to enhance her mermaid costume by painting her face mermaid-like :) The artist googled for the sample and found it on youtube. Innovative!

Pedicure time... princess treatment for the day.

Shrek in the making... rawrrrrr!

Cake time. The cake was from a small bakery at our house.. It was yummy and it was only RM28! Everyone loved it! And ofcos lil Maira was there too. She was sooo happy running around and playing by herself.

With her bestie :)

The party ended at 215pm, just enough time for the staff to clean up for another party at 230. Busy lil spa!! And a very busy weekend for us too bec we have a concert to attend tomorrow. 17 performances from 5 or 6 Smart Readers :O and Audrene's graduation! Yayyyy!!!!!

For info on the spa, click here and they also have a FB page. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tok's Birthday

The girls' Tok celebrated his 64th birthday on Deepavali so I organised a small birthday dinner for Tok and family. Usually when I have my family over for dinner, I'll prepare really simple dishes like grilled salmon or bbq food and salad, and I'll run to the nearby cafe and buy fried rice hehe.

Some pics from the dinner.. Audrene made her Tok wear her tiara. She's a very persistent girl, cant say no to her ;)

Yummy ice-cream cake which Audrene happily passed around but wouldnt take a bite of it. Apparantly she doesnt like ice cream cake.. Weird huh?

Cu and her adoring nieces and nephew.. hehe

These were taken last weekend. The girls were playing dress up. They went Hawaiian.

Alright folks, wanna enjoy AR Asia! Goodnite!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

For the 1st time we celebrated Halloween and from the pictures, you can see that Audrene had the most fun :p

Audrene bought a witch costume a couple of weeks back so mummy and daddy had to find the right place for her to go showcase herself hehe..and hooray cos TGIF was organising a Halloween-do last night. We had dinner there and at the same time had so much fun checking out other people's costumes. Some were indeed scary :o

Maira was scared so she sat quietly at her corner but all the skeletons, undertakers and draculas didnt stop her from enjoying a good meal. That's my Maira ;)

Some pics from last night..

Goodnite everyone! Hope you'll have a great week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yeah I am currently down with dengue fever! Terrible!!!!

But good news is, I am recovering. I don't even need to be admitted because it is not that bad, but yeah, it is still dengue.

I must have gotten it at home because I got it on Sunday so I have already called up MBPJ and requested them to send a team to fog the area asap. There are just too many mosquitos lately. Even with all the antimos, ridsect etc, I could still be bitten by them. Annoying!

My brother was also down with dengue last week. He got it in Shah Alam and my sister was also suspected with dengue. So all of us went through a series of needle-poking and it was NOT fun. I am amazed with Audrene for being able to smile when she did her dengue test last week. She was cleared from it, btw, thank God.

That's all for now. Please keep your home safe from dengue cos it's really painful. Bodyache, fever, headache, alarming red spots all over your body and ofcos the trips to the hospital to check your blood count. Ouchhh!!! But I am thankful that I am ok. Take care.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Hi!!! Hope it's not too late to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya!!!

Havent been doing much lately cos have been stucked in front of my computer watching Gossip Girl and Criminal Minds back to back. Love these series!!!

Here are some photos of the girls during Raya. We went back to Kuantan. Both were so happy to play with their cousins and double joy for Audrene this year cos she has finally understood the meaning of duit raya hehe!

Kepenatan :)

Bye all, have a great weekend. Wanna get back to my book. Hugs!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

At Last!

Went to the bookstore and found 2 books that I have been waiting for for sooooo long!!! And now, I don't know which book to read first.

p/s... Friday raya yay!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Maira :)

It was my little Maira's 2nd birthday last Friday. She's 2!!

We had a small family dinner to celebrate her birhday the weekend before. And on the birthday itself, we had a party at the daycare. But ermm.. Maira didnt really enjoy the attention she got. Towards the end of the party she cried! During the dinner at home, she was really shy when we sang to her. She kept saying it was Kakak's birthday.. Kakak ofcourse enjoyed both parties.. Macam birthday dia pulak :)

Photos from both celebrations..

Kakak over pulak with tiara and mermaid's costume. Maira didnt want to change!

Birthday Kakak! said the shy Maira :p

Maira was even more shy at the daycare... The teachers said.. aik apa jadi.. kenapa Maira macam ni?

No smile from the birthday girl..

Huaaa... me no like attention!!

Poor Maira! But dearie, Happy Birthday anyways.. We love you sooooo much!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Wahhh it has been a while since I last updated!! I have gotten the habit of sleeping early. 10pm and I'll be dreaming already. And then there was the World Cup. So for the last month, I was on and off trying to sleep early so I could wake up at 2am. Not that I was a huge fan of the game, neither was I a supporter of any team. I didnt even know what 'off side' was until a couple of weeks back when my colleagues 'patiently' demonstrated to me. Truth is I merely wanted to find out what Christiano Ronaldo was all about. And now I know.. hehehe.

And oh the Cullen fever is back and yeah I too drooled over him for a few days after I watched Eclipse which I found to be really euwww but highly entertaining (?!).

Maira is turning 2 next month!! Yeay my darling baby is growing fast. She cant speak that much yet but she can say important words like mummy, daddy, kakak, mak, tok, cho (cu), nenen (ofcos), nak, NO! (favourite word so far), ket (sakit) and ... ermmmm... bodddohhhhh! Haiyoo!!!!

Ok... have to go... Maira is wrestling the laptop from me while crying nak! nak! nak!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pom Pom Girl

Audrene's sports day was this morning. Sangat2 seronok esp because her cheerleading team was THE BEST among the rest of the centres.. At least that's what me and the teacher thought.. hehe :p Hey, she practiced her routine and her cheer for weeks and I had to practice with her too. It was so much fun. The kids were so cute. I like it that the sports day was simple and fun and it finished off right on the dot as scheduled before it started getting so hot. Nicely organised lah!

Here are some photos from this morning.

While having lunch... Maira made faces at Daddy :p

After sports day, we hung out at the curve and had early lunch there. Then went back home to make sure the girls had a good sleep because we were going to watch Toy Story in the evening. And, sob, I cried while watching the movie. The end of the movie was so sad :( But I still love the movie of cos, plus it was 3D.

Ok, folks, goodnite. Wanna check on Audrene. She has overworked herself today and is not feeling very well. She doesnt eat enough and lives on milk. I am worried and running out of ideas on how to entice her to eat... sigh.. Right now she's addicted to burger king's spicy drummets and she has them every weekday for dinner. But that's it. She wont take any carbs with them and she'll have milk instead. Probably I shld show her pics of African children. Mebbe that would make her eat.

Alright, goodnite!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Princess Dresses

Attention all mommies with lil princesses!

Mothercare has really pretty princess costumes and they are all on 20% discount now. Went to the curve with Audrene today with the intention to get her new trainers for her sports day tomorrow but instead we came back with Snow White/Cinderella costume (it's reversible! 2-in-1) and a fairy skirt! And they are so cute...simply irresistible!

All of the little girls at the store were pestering their mommies.. ada yang kata nak pakai baju Snow White for Raya... hehe...cute!! Well.. siapa tak nak jadi princess kan? :)

Here's Audrene in her new dress. Maira's sleeping so she hasn't seen the dress yet. Last month Audrene bought her Ariel costume and Maira was so upset cos she didnt get one. Tak ada size! But today, I bought her 2 cute lil skirts so I hope she'll be happy too.

So go NOW mommies... Not many are left. There're also Tinkerbell, little hornet, fairy, Ariel costumes. For lil boys, there are Ben 10, Woody (Toy Story)... mmmm ada lagi but tak ingat. Go go go and we can all throw a costume party!

Have fun and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Audrene's New Friends

Wanna meet Audrene's new friends?!


Here they are... Meet Alisa and Arina the hamsters :p

Audrene has been pestering me for these lil rodents for WEEKS and I finally caved in. But I had a looong chat with her about the many responsibilities before I finally took her to the pet store. Told her she's the mummy to the hamsters so she will have to take care of them. I am curious to see how these lil cuties will change my lil darlings. Should be good to them so hopefully the hamsters will last long.. hehe

Btw, are any of you Red's listeners? If you are and you happen to be driving to work at abt 820 every day, you may be familiar with the RM1k minute quiz. Aaaaargghhhh... geram!!!! How come so far none of the quiz contestants can finish this line... Rock a bye baby ... ON THE TREE TOP?!! Gerammm!!! So easy!! Easy peasy!! And a couple of week's back it was HUMPTY DUMPTY who went up the hill to fetch a pail of water... OMG!!! Cant stand!!! If you havent heard abt this quiz, do tune on to the station at 810 cos the quiz is usually at abt 820 and then you'll understand my agony every morning. Its 104.9.

Ok, peeps, goodnite. Need to teman the girls to bed.

p.s. weekend's near... hurrah!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Univ Studios Singapore Rocks!!!!

Oh yes it rocks and I wish I am still there!!!!

I had so much fun these past few days but it's still great to be back home. Penat ok jalan with a toddler in tow but without the lil munchkin it won't be as much fun :)

School holiday started yesterday but we decided to go off early so on Thursday we packed our bags and flew to Singapore with 3 locations as our main target - Universal Studios, Night Safari and Arab St for beryani and murtabak. And ooooh to add to the kids' joy, the grannies and aunty followed too!

We spent the first day at the Night Safari. We went there last year and were still impressed with the place. I love it there because it is full of life. And of course, tak panas ;) This time around, we got there early, at abt 6.45pm (the safari opens at 7pm). Had dinner (their lamb burger is the best!) and watched the fire show. Memang grand! After the show, we watched the creatures of the night show and then we hopped on the tram and went for the safari tour. I really like the safari. I dont mind going there again and again. Audrene and Maira enjoyed the place too. Maira was already sleepy during the tour but she still waved at the animals happily.

On the second day, we went to Universal Studios!!! We love loved LOVED the place. We were so lucky it didnt rain and the weather was extremely sunny. The crowd was huge. In fact, the tickets were sold out on that day and it was not even the weekend and Singapore hasnt even started their school hols. For popular rides like Jurassic Park's water rapid, we had to que up for 45 minutes. And it took us more than 30 minutes to buy food. But nevertheless, it was worth the que. The rides were fantastic. We managed to ride on almost all rides. Ermmmm I didnt ride on the scary rides of course but my sister and hubby did go on the Mummy roller coaster and Audrene was also brave enough to go on the Dragon ride at Far Far Away - twice!

Took lotsa photos, here are some of them... Enjoy!

At the main entrance.

At the Jurassic Park with a baby dino :)

In Egypt for The Mummy

Battlestar Gallactica.. there was only 1 ride here for the kids. The huge scary coaster is not open yet (phew!)

With Betty Boop in Hollywood

In the streets of Hollywood, with NY in the 50s at the back.

In Madagascar!

In Far Far Away.. Audrene and Daddy riding on the dragon roller coaster.

With Donkey

Some tips in case you are planning to go there during this scool hols..

1. Buy your tickets earlier at the travel agents in Spore cos the tickets may be sold out at the entrance. You may even get it cheaper at the agency. We bought ours for $62 each instead of $66 (weekday rate. Weekend pass is $72). Cheaper rates for kids between 4-12 and free for 3 and below.

2. Wear your sunscreen cos it can be very hot and sunny there.

3. Wear very comfortable clothes and shoes esp those which can dry fast cos you may get drenched during the water rapid ride at Jurassic Park and while watching the Water Wold show.

4. Be there early so you can enter sharp at 10am cos with the long que, you may need to rush to cover all rides. The park closes at 7pm, takut tak sempat!

5. Prices for food and merchandise are reasonable. Chicken rice is S8, a bottle of snapple is $3.50, tshirts are $20-30, mugs are about $12 - 15, depends on the design. Lotsa a nice cafes but too little time to enjoy food cos need to rush to catch the rides and shows.

6. Rides with long ques are all the 3 rides in Jurassic Park (45 minutes que per ride) and the jeep ride at The Mummy. You may want to rush to these rides the first thing in the morning to avoid the long que later.

7. Washrooms are squeaky clean with areas for diaper change.

My fav ride is the studio tour by Spielberg. Fantastic! And altho I was terrified, I loved the river rapid ride. Huaaaaaa I wish I am still there! Mebbe next year when Maira's bigger and Audrene's taller? :p

Have a good school break everyone, and Happy Sunday!

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