Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aquaria & More

Ayo... long weekend coming to an end!! Sobs!!! I hate Sundays! I dread Sundays!!! I will have to work for 2 whole weeks until my next leave which is during school break. Lamanya lagi!!!

Nonetheless, we had a fun-filled weekend. On Friday, we hung out at the Curve for lunch and later we took the girls to my uncle's place for swimming. Unfortunately it rained, so Audrene managed to play in the pool for a short while saja. But she still had a great time cos she got to play my lil cousin.

Here are some shots at my uncle's. Daddy was trying to tighten Audrene's new goggles.

Audrene and Sofea off to the pool.

Tok Mak ajar Audrene swimming.

And today, we took the kids to Aquaria. It was fun for the kids, lari sana lompat sini. Maira esp like the tunnel. She went in it 3 kali and on the last trip, she refused to hold my hand. She was so amazed by the fishies, tortoise, eels, snakes she saw.

The girls and daddy in the tunnel.

We could touch the fish in this basin but Audrene was a lil bit scared to dump her hand in there cos there were 2 small sharks. Yikes!

Audrene and Maira made friends with the tortoise.

The girls after the trip. Both wearing their new Aquaria t-shirts and both having their fav drink in their fav bottles.

Ok, people, time for me to rest. It's back at work tomorrow :)

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