Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Maira :)

It was my little Maira's 2nd birthday last Friday. She's 2!!

We had a small family dinner to celebrate her birhday the weekend before. And on the birthday itself, we had a party at the daycare. But ermm.. Maira didnt really enjoy the attention she got. Towards the end of the party she cried! During the dinner at home, she was really shy when we sang to her. She kept saying it was Kakak's birthday.. Kakak ofcourse enjoyed both parties.. Macam birthday dia pulak :)

Photos from both celebrations..

Kakak over pulak with tiara and mermaid's costume. Maira didnt want to change!

Birthday Kakak! said the shy Maira :p

Maira was even more shy at the daycare... The teachers said.. aik apa jadi.. kenapa Maira macam ni?

No smile from the birthday girl..

Huaaa... me no like attention!!

Poor Maira! But dearie, Happy Birthday anyways.. We love you sooooo much!

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