Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tok's Birthday

The girls' Tok celebrated his 64th birthday on Deepavali so I organised a small birthday dinner for Tok and family. Usually when I have my family over for dinner, I'll prepare really simple dishes like grilled salmon or bbq food and salad, and I'll run to the nearby cafe and buy fried rice hehe.

Some pics from the dinner.. Audrene made her Tok wear her tiara. She's a very persistent girl, cant say no to her ;)

Yummy ice-cream cake which Audrene happily passed around but wouldnt take a bite of it. Apparantly she doesnt like ice cream cake.. Weird huh?

Cu and her adoring nieces and nephew.. hehe

These were taken last weekend. The girls were playing dress up. They went Hawaiian.

Alright folks, wanna enjoy AR Asia! Goodnite!

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superheroes' mom said...

Happy 64th Tok! Look at the Aloha girls, geram nyeee! Comel sgt!

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