Monday, January 10, 2011

Waterpark during Weekend

We went to BGambang waterpark over the weekend. The place was not bad at all. The waterpark was new so the washrooms were still in good condition and they had cabbanas for rent at the waterpark that made it very comfortable for us to rest and eat there.

There were also lotsa fun rides the residential area, and at night it was all lighted up and made the area filled with so much excitement.

Here are the girls in one of the rides. They were in costumes cos we attended a themed dinner. As the theme was movies and cartoons, Audrene wore Belle's dress and won best dressed!! Yippee! Maira went Shanghai Noon and wore a cheongsam... Mummy went boring and wore a smurf tshirt hehe!

Goodnite all, wanna have my fattening pizza but before that here are some more pics from our trip to BGambang.

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superheroes' mom said...

boleh la I bawak the boys nanti :)

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