Saturday, April 2, 2011

Girls' Day Out

Wow I have had a busy day today! And it was so much fun and entertaining because I was at the Disney show with TWO Snow White!! TWO! :D

I brought Audrene and her friend Qistina to the show today. I think both of them had lotsa fun there. Look at their faces in the car. Audrene had been waiting for this day for weeks. Not just bec of the show but bec she wanted to hangout with her friend from her kindy. Finally the day arrived :)

Today's show featured 4 cartoons - Cars, Mermaid, Lion King and Tinkerbell. I didnt snap that many pics bec it was dark and I only had my phone. Plus, I was busy singing to the tunes too.

Mickey's backside :)

The girls with their shaved ice.. Nice!

2 lil Snow Whites

This is Adik playing peekaboo with the hat that Kakak brought back for her.. Cakk!

Goodnite everyone! I am waiting for the girls to sleep so I can continue my Fairly Legal marathon. Hugs :)

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