Monday, June 6, 2011

Simply Delishh!!

We went back to Kuantan over the weekend and yipppeeee because I got to enjoy my favourite dish ikan patin gulai tempoyak!!! Yeah I am soo kampung when it comes to food preference :)

Our favourite ikan patin spot is in Temerloh, the first gerai opposite the river. The place is usually packed and full during lunchtime and sometimes we had to wait for them to cook the fish. 30-45 minutes wait in the stuffy, hot stall but it was worth the wait!

We usually have one fish head each.. No sharing!! Mmmmmm nyummmmms.. I love the lemak and all!

And in Kuantan itself, we would always have our favourite cendol at a little stall in front of this popular huge shop which sells ikan masin. This shop is usually packed with tourist buses and tourists from China who will buy HUGE bags full of white coffee and ikan masin. Hurrah for Malaysian tourism!

Haha..Here's everyone buying cendol while mummy secures 4 stools ;)

For RM1.50, this cendol is to die for especially in the hot Kuantan weather. Simple cendol, just to my liking!

Ok no more food talk!! I am about to drool already. Goodnight everyone!!!

ps... I still miss my darling Skip! I think about her all the time. Love love her so much *muah*

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