Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movies Galore

We had a grand time catching the latest movies during these couple of months. All of the movies that we have been waiting for finally came and it was worth the wait, especially Transformers 3. Harry Potter was great too but I wished it was longer. I thought it was too abrupt, tak puaslah. If it were 3 hours pun ok, I would have enjoyed every single minute of it. I couldn't believe HP is finally over. Sob! I keep saying that I want to read the 7th book again, but until now I couldn't find the time :(

Transformers was amazing, don't you think? When we went to the cinema, Maira thought that we were going to watch 'Train Thomas'. I kept telling her Transformers la, not Train Thomas. But she insisted it was Train Thomas until the movie started and she got a shock! This is NOT Train Thomas! Terus takut and tertidur!

Pirates and Green Lantern were ok too. Funny la at least. We also took Maira to watch Thomas the Movie. But errrr not only that I thought it was yawnsome...Maira thought it was boring too! Tengok dekat ipad ok la, but on the big screen.. Terseksa Mummy!

We also watched Arthur, Paul and Just Go With It on DVD. Arthur (Russel Brand - is that his name? Katie Perry's hubby) was CRAZY FUNNY! Paul, the movie about an alien, was also hilarious. I laughed and laughed through out the movie. I suddely have this huge liking towards these British actors. Lawak sangat! Paul however was full of bad words, not good for kids. But my darling Audrene watched it though and I kept telling her this is a BAD BAD word, NEVER EVER use it!

Just Go With It is now one of my favourite romcoms. I finally saw what others could see in Adam Sandler hehe..To those who have not watched it, go get the DVD. Sweet and funny! Another romcom that I watched recently, Love and Other Drugs, was also ok buttttttt errrr a bit xx la. I was surprised that Anne Hathaway and Jakey showed a lot of flesh. Lucky The 2 little girls were busy watching their cartoon movie on tv.

Oh no, now I could't wait for weekend to arrive. Nak tengok more movies!

Ok, all. Have a good night. Past my bed time already. Audrene is fast asleep but Maira is still watching Mickey. Yawn!

ps. Selamat bersahur :)

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