Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have been SUPER BUSY these past few weeks OMG! Busy with work and busy with the girls. Audrene will be done with her finals on Thursday (Hurrah!!!!) but until then it's the usual exams-is-near 45-minute revision-2 hours break-45 min revision-2hours break weekend timetable. Thursday, come fast PLEASE!!!! Teacher Mummy needs a BREAK!

Ooooh Maira has finally agreed to join Audrene in her art class.. Yippee!!!!! So now, once a week I will get 1.5 hours all for myself. What I like is that there are a few mani-pedi shops and massage centre near the artclass and 1.5 hours is just nice for these. Owh I am soo happy :)

Ok, short update. Got some office work to complete.

Till later!

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