Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I was at a nearby mall recently and my eyes popped out when I saw these in a shop! I was so excited!! I used to play with them when I was small!! So I said to Audrene and Maira that I just have to buy them some. But.... I got a shock when I saw the price.. RM23.50!!!! Omg!!! I know back when I was small it was way way WAY cheaper! Mahalnya now!!

So I asked the uncle who works at the shop... Back then it was not this expensive right?? He replied.. Well, many many years ago a bowl of asam laksa cost RM1.50 -__-

Audrene has never seen it before and I had a hard time explaining to her how Kalkitos works so I asked uncle.. Do u have a sample? He replied .. Well many many years ago when u were small they didn't have samples too right?? Ok, the uncle has an attitude... Grrrr!

Since I've promised Audrene and Maira, I had to buy 2 packets and they loved it!! But because of the price, sorry la nak beli lagi :p

The Kalkitos kept them quiet while mummy had coffee :)

And I just have to share these pics of my darling Maira cos she looks sooo kissable in them ;)

Otw to watch Alvin.. Pakai lipgloss mummy.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

High on Coke

This is how Maira looks like after taking a few sips of cold iced coke ;)

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happppyyy 7th

Happy 7th Birthday my darling, my sweetie pie Audrene :) :) love u so much but darling sometimes u make me wanna pull my hair out... All i want you to do is just spend 1 hour a day during these hols reading yr story book... Tu je...Can ye.. Tomorrow tak nak gaduh2 lagi ok!

Here are some pics of her and friends during her art & craft bday do.

Oooh we also had a cake done for Maira as she didn't get a party for her most recent birthday as it fell during fasting month. Both cakes were super yummy - Audrene's was vanilla and Maira's was red velvet.. Tak puas makan! The food for the kids were simple - Pizza!

The kids could choose to buat and paint either a top hat, fish or robot. The hat was the favourite! Here they are... Busy crafting their masterpieces :)

My lil sweet Maira.. Comfie at her spot. We had their bday do at their artclass. The teachers were amazing with 21 excited, happy, jumping kids!

Group photo.. Some were still giving their masterpieces the finishing touch ;)

It was indeed a FUN and EXCITING party for .... ME! hehehe! The kids were such a joyful group and i enjoyed entertaining them tho mmg patah pinggang. Audrene was ecstatic of course - first time hung out with school friends without teachers' supervision... Apa lagi.. Memang havoc!! But party kan, lagi havoc lagi fun :) :)

Alright, goodnight everyone! Sleepy already hugs zzzzzzz

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