Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I was at a nearby mall recently and my eyes popped out when I saw these in a shop! I was so excited!! I used to play with them when I was small!! So I said to Audrene and Maira that I just have to buy them some. But.... I got a shock when I saw the price.. RM23.50!!!! Omg!!! I know back when I was small it was way way WAY cheaper! Mahalnya now!!

So I asked the uncle who works at the shop... Back then it was not this expensive right?? He replied.. Well, many many years ago a bowl of asam laksa cost RM1.50 -__-

Audrene has never seen it before and I had a hard time explaining to her how Kalkitos works so I asked uncle.. Do u have a sample? He replied .. Well many many years ago when u were small they didn't have samples too right?? Ok, the uncle has an attitude... Grrrr!

Since I've promised Audrene and Maira, I had to buy 2 packets and they loved it!! But because of the price, sorry la nak beli lagi :p

The Kalkitos kept them quiet while mummy had coffee :)

And I just have to share these pics of my darling Maira cos she looks sooo kissable in them ;)

Otw to watch Alvin.. Pakai lipgloss mummy.

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