Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not so exciting day...

Okay, tomorrow is a little bit far cos I notice that I already have a follower...Yippee! Don't want to disappoint Mr Grammatical Error... *wink*wink*

I attended a boring meeting just now. Haven't been in a looong meeting with weird people for quite a while. One guy had this habit of leaving his mouth wide open and there was a lady who scratched her tapak kaki halfway through the meeting.. Boy..Did I find that distracting? Yeah-haaa! I was waiting and hoping for a good excuse to go out from the meeting room but unfortunately nothing came up so I stayed on for ...urgh... 4 hours!

I think this will be the last meeting that I'll be attending on behalf of my current office. This is because I have resigned and am joining another organisation in January. This is one of my current excitements. Another major excitement is ofcourse Audrene's birthday party this Saturday. BTW, I have 2 little girls - Audrene & Maira. Will write more on this... Now, I need to go home..Hubby's waiting!

4 squiggles:

Aleza said...

hehehehe hello akak!
hahaha mulut nganga hahaha!
garu kaki! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

heey why am i mr grammatical error? nasib baik that woman tak cium her kaki ewwwww haha.

Anonymous said...

btw kak aleza-punya-sister (hehehe), i can't help but notice that there's something wrong with your blog's timezone. tak tukar eh?

shaz said...

ha ah la..time salah... adik.. can u tukar for me?? thanks... kiss kiss

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