Sunday, November 30, 2008

Audrene's 4th Birthday Party - A Blast!

Yes!!! We have successfully organised Audrene's 4th Birthday Party last night. By looking at the kids and their parents, the party was a blast. Thanks a bundle to Chewy, Uncle Eja, Uncle Awish, Auntie Mai, Tok Mak and Tok for all their help :)


There were about 40 kids at the party and they were entertained by Mr Clown. Audrene was extra excited last night (sampai tak makan, tak mandi & tak sikat rambut!) because her best-est friends from the nursery also came, along with the kakaks. This is their first social event, and boy, were they excited!

Birthday girl with Fahim & Derrick

Audrene was also a good host. Everytime kawan sampai, she will greet at the door and invite the friend in. Kawan-kawan pun malu sekejap aje, lepas tu main and lari2 satu rumah. Mr Clown was also great. He made fun balloons for the kids and kept them laughing all night with funny jokes.

Each kid brought home 1 party pack each. Hope they liked the stickers, chocolates, cookies, lollypops, Twisties and magic wands :) We definitely can't wait to organise another party, or maybe other parents would like to have one for their kid? We would love to attend. Jangan lupa jemput kita!

2 squiggles:

Aleza said...

yepp the party was a blaasst! hihi gmbira tgk audrene happy with all her friends. hihi

Anonymous said...

i wasnt invited >,<" hehe

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