Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Nice date today so have to leave a mark :)

Some short updates from me...

1. Maira can walk and even run a bit now. She is always ALWAYS tailing Audrene. Ikut mana2 kakak pegi and tersenyum2 in doing so :)
2. Audrene can play the piano with both hands now. And she enjoys playing it!
3. I manage to fast this year despite breastfeeding Maira. I think drinking 100 Plus during sahur helps a lot.
4. I haven't bought any new baju for raya.
5. I haven't even ordered any cookies for raya.
6. It's 5.30pm and I have no idea what to have for buka!

That's all. Am sleepy and having a headache now. Bye-bye!

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