Wednesday, September 2, 2009

At The Beach!

Over the long weekend we went off to Kuantan which is Daddy's hometown and of course the main highlight was at the beach. This beach outing is special, too, because it's Baby Maira's first beach trip ever and she had loads of fun!

Just look at her face! All smiley! Ohh...she has a little shell in her hand. She found it at the beach and held on to it even when we cleaned her up. Tak nak lepas.. Excited sangat! Audrene jangan ceritalah. Bangun tidur terus nak pegi beach. Memang suka sangat dapat main air!

In Kuantan, too, I realised that lotsa people were wearing face masks and I could see posters and buntings that remind everyone on how by wearing masks can save the lives of your loved ones. That is very, very responsible of the people and I am impressed.

Yawnnn..Alright people, am sleepy already Goodnite everyone and have a great week!

2 squiggles:

superheroes' mom said...

he he, comelnya baby maira pakai swimsuit =D

intheocean said...

cutenya....careful, shaz, that's a marine scientist in the making :))

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