Friday, February 26, 2010

Maira's 1st Haircut

Hi! How are you all doing? Me, it's the usual. Work, kids, work, kids and during weekends, housework, kids, housework, kids. Quite taxinglah lately. Probably age is catching up. Aiyoh, if only lah I can find a good maid, kan best.

Anyway, am so glad it's a holiday today. My house is all clean because the cleaners dah dtg cuci pagi2 lagi tadi. Now, Audrene tengah siapkan homework and then only we can go out.

Last week, Maira got her first hair cut. She was not happy to let the hairdresser do her hair so Daddy had to hold her tight and the hairdresser only took 2 snips.

Snip snip! And here's Maira with her new fringe :)

As for Audrene, she has developed this interest in baking. So one fine weekend she baked a choc cake for us. Here's the proud lil baker. Sedap. The cake had little colourful stars.

Oh gosh, I have to go. Maira is whining and whining for attention. Bye everyone, have a great weekend!

2 squiggles:

Aleza said...

comelss adik tak tgk lagi her haircut nihhh! =))

Miss S said...

chewy chewy :p

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