Thursday, March 11, 2010

Petua Ulcer Mulut

I'd like to share this petua. If sakit mulut because of ulcers, makan jambu air. Kena2kan the juices to the ulcer, and within minutes you'll feel the pain subside. I have a couple of ulcers in my mouth so I've just had one whole water apple about 15 minutes ago and the pain in my mouth is now gone! Amazing!

At last, both girls are nicely tucked in bed. They are double active lately and tengah syok main with each other. I think I'll join them now since mulut dah tak sakit. Goodnite everyone. It's Friday tomorrow!!! Hurrayyyy!!!

3 squiggles:

superheroes' mom said...

thnx for the petua. btw, u r tagged!

Eti Karim said...

great tips, u r tagged too!!! same one as SHM's I'm afraid!!!

armouris said...

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