Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am never ever ever ever EVER going to wax my legs again!!!! Guess what happened to me when I switched the type of wax? Really horrible, disgusting allergic infection!!! They are not JUST rashes but spots with pus!!! Yikes!!!!! And my legs are both swollen, especially my left leg where even the ankle swells. So I am at home on medical leave today. Sakit sgt2 kaki, cant get into my shoes. And even by lying down the whole day doesnt help. Painful!!!!

Mmg I seriously ban myself from waxing ok. No more waxing!

2 squiggles:

superheroes' mom said...

Oh my gosh Shaz!!!! Kesian kat u!!! u buat diy or at salon? Hope u recover pronto.

Miss S said...

buat sendiri :(

konon nak licinkan kaki, now dah berscar..grrr

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