Monday, July 20, 2009

Driving Baby

Hellooo everyone! Been very quiet from my end. Have been busy busy busy with work and these 2 little munchkins.

Maira horse-riding :)

Maira driving... hehe

And guess what?? Baby Maira is turning ONE next month!!! Can you believe it?? Time really flies! Oh my!!! Where is my little baby? Dah besar!!

As for the kakak, she can read more fluently now. Dah tak payah nak eja kuat2 sangat. Looks like I dah tak boleh nak code2 or eja2 dah. She can spell already! Audrene is also practising hard for her ballet concert. Next Sunday she'll have a photo shoot and I will have to send her to school with full make up. Wee.. excitednya saya!

At work, it has been busy but not that bad. I can still jalan2 at Pavilion and KLCC during lunchtime. Ahhhh.. sale is everywhere but unfortunately I am broke. I am always broke lately, I don't know why... sob sob! But there's this handbag boutique which has GREAT discounts.. I am so tempted... but no no no... I'm broke broke broke!!

Alright people, have to tengok the girls. From where I am seated now I can see that the 2 munchkins nak start buat bersepah mainan. Goodnite!

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Aleza said...

yay maira can drive cu to shah alam everyday now! wehhhheeeee =D

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