Sunday, July 26, 2009

Too Short A Weekend

Doncha think that there should be 3 days in a weekend? 2 days are simply not enough. I was outstation until lunchtime yesterday so that made this weekend extra short :(

Today was kinda busy for me. Audrene had full-dress rehearsal for her ballet concert. I had to send her to school in full make-up 30 minutes before rehearsal started because she needed to change to her costume. Of course I was late!! Grrr!! But phew, I still managed to arrive before the photo shoot so Audrene was fine. I was amazed to see the older girls transforming the little kids in just a couple of minutes. Before I knew it Audrene was already in her costume with a very neat ponytail. Very fast indeed!

This is Audrene after she was all made up. Sitting and waiting with her friends.. Muka serious. Probably malu because I was the only mom who brought a camera. The teachers were extra garang today because they had to shoo the parents away. They were all busy testing their costumes and getting ready for photo shoot. Kecoh kalau parents ada.

Ahaha.. my make up colours are all in natural and earth shades so Audrene's make-up was not as vibrant as some other girls.. Sorry sweetheart. I'll make sure I'll buy more colourful makeup for your concert!

After ballet, Audrene and I singgah at the park because Daddy brought Maira there. Maira sekarang nak try diri and jalan all the time. She didn't even want me to hold her hands tadi. Nak jalan sendiri! Big girl dah!!

Here's another picture of Maira on Audrene's 'inhouse transportation'.. Hehehe!

Ok everyone, goodnite! Both Audrene and Maira are well tucked in bed. I pun nak rest. Sleepy dah. Bye bye!

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Aleza said...

awwwwwwww i miss them! booo for fever! :((

n.a.m said...

heyyyy... it's Audrene rupanya! No wonder I thot the cute face looked familiar... dah lama tak nampak dia at school, Amani pun dah takde sebut her name dah... you sent her to a different place now ye?

-amani's mom-

Shafiq Hakim said...

Maira comeeeellllllllllll! =D

Miss S said...

hehehe n.a.m..hi! i still send audrene there but she goes to smartreader in the morning. ada dia kat situ :)

Miss S said...

hehehe n.a.m..hi! i still send audrene there but she goes to smartreader in the morning. ada dia kat situ :)

n.a.m said...

ohhh... no wonder la, cos petang amani goes to KAFA, so she probably doesn't get to see & play withu audrene that much...

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