Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baby Maira's First Step! Yay!

Wee hee hee! Baby Maira took her first step this afternoon!!! Hooray Baby Maira!! She's turning 11 months next week and growing fast. Can't believe she's turning 1 next month!!!! Fast fast FAST!

Owh I feel like summing up the week...

1. Work - busy as usual but at least one project is nearly done.. phew!

2. Audrene - ballet is keeping her busy. In addition to her weekly class, she now attends rehearsal during weekends, both Saturday AND Sunday. So we all cannot go anywhere until her MEGA concert is over.

3. Baby Maira - demam a little on Thursday and Friday but recovered well and took her first little step today :)

4. Shopping - Just realised that I haven't done any shopping for MONTHS!! MONTHS!! I need new clothes (and shoes and handbags and make up..etc etc)!!!!

5. Weight - I think I have gained some... gulp!

6. MJ - I feel sad about MJ... I grew up listening to his songs :(

That's all! Oh ya... I have also stopped expressing milk at work. So now Baby takes formula during daytime. I felt sad in the beginning but now I'm ok. Maira takes formula well, and as for me, I feel less hungry now ;) But hey maybe that's why I feel like I've gained weight :o

Gotta go.. Audrene is already crying because I am not giving her my laptop. It's already 11.30pm!!! Time to sleep!!! Ok, goodnite everyone, enjoy your weekend!

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