Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raya Holiday

It's already SUNDAY!!! Grrrrr! Cepatnya masa berjalan when we're having fun yah? But it's ok because I am still on leave! Yay! I still have another 2 more days to go... Hurray!!!

Here are some photos taken during Raya. We went BLUE! It was really last minute. We only went Raya shopping 1 day before Raya. Yup, on Saturday itself and guess what... we got lots of discount. Memang significant price cut and that made me really happy :D

Audrene main computer... tengok Michael Jackson on youtube. She's a hardcore MJ fan now and her fav hits are Billie Jean, Heal The World and You R Not Alone. Hafal lyrics ok ;)

Make-up session by Audrene the little make-up artiste.

This is us...

Baby Maira in blue. Maira actually dapat present baju raya from her nursery kakak and its in the same shade of blue tapi besar sikit. Simpan untuk next year la nampaknya... And yup, very nice of the kakak!

And of course we went back to Kuantan. Here are the girls at the beach. Ermmm... mummy forgot to pack Maira's swimming suit!

Oooops Maira dah jaga... Gtg! Kiss kiss!

2 squiggles:

Aleza said...

is maira crying in there?

and omg audrene mmg gardcore fan. repeat and repeat and repeat -__-

muah muah back! =)

Miss S said...

maira tak nangis le... dia happy sgt... hehehe

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