Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh boy...

I am sooo happy because I managed to clean up the girls' playroom. I threw away 3 big plastic bags full of broken toys, incomplete puzzles and yucky play dough. Next, I will sort the toys accordingly so it will be easier for the girls to look for their toys hence tak bersepah sangat. Usually, after 2 days, the room will look as if it just went through a tornado. My late grandma used to say that I sepahkan my room macam kapal pecah whenever my colour pencils berterabur but I tell you my girls can sepahkan their stuff kalah kapal pecah. For instance, guess what Maira is doing at this exact moment? Dia tengah sweetly keluarkan Chachos from its bag ON MY BED. Urgh... Maira!!!! Grrrrr!

Oh dah start gaduh dengan kakak pulak... Dua2 dah nangis... Ok, bye everyone!

2 squiggles:

Shafiq Hakim said...

Chachos tu apa akak?

Miss S said...

chachos d junkfood.. nyummm

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