Sunday, November 22, 2009


Ergh.. I don't feel great today, my body aches and I can't sleep. And I have clothes in the washing machine now so have to wait sampai habis basuh baru boleh tido. Gosh, my house is a total mess, esp the girls' playroom. Macam kena tornado! So tomorrow morning, the cleaners will dtg for 3 hours instead of the usual 2 hours because I need one of them to clear up the playroom. Bersepah sgt, rimas!

Anyway, took the girls to a birthday party at 1 U this afternoon. Both had loads of fun. Kakak of course bought a pressie for herself when we went to the toy shop before the party to get presents for the birthday girls. She added another Barbie to her collection. I've lost count berapa dia ada. Tadi she bought one of the Muskateers. Adik didn't buy anything and guess what... when we reached home and Kakak started playing with her new Barbie, Adik got upset cos she didn't get a new toy... Halamak... sorry... this won't happen again sweetie pie! Next time Adik will get a new toy too ok ;p

And tomorrow I HAVE to go to the gym of I will continuously live in guilt. My membership has been reactivated for MONTHS and never once I pegi. Rugi ok! So tomorrow I kena pegi. Have to have to have to!

Ooops 1230am! Gtg sidai baju and I also want to finish my book. Goodnite and have a great Sunday tomorrow!

ps.. I am out of GGirl to watch :(

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