Friday, November 27, 2009

Maira's 1st Word

Woohoo!!!! Maira has successfully said her first word.... "Keeeeep!"... she was calling our old, fat family cat!

And guess what she's doing now? She's trying to put on her t-shirt with a very wide grin :D Audrene and Daddy are out watching Ben Ten... Bila they all nak balik ni...I'm bored (and hungry)!

Oh yah I'll be on loooooong leave soon (yippee!) and I've found an activity to keep me busy. Remember that I started a scrapbook during my previous looong holiday? I am going to pick up where I left and this time I'll even enrol in the classes. My colleague's wife teaches scrapbooking at the Curve and I've decided to attend her classes. Tak sabar!

Erghhh why la there's always nothing good to watch on TV? Nasib ada my all-time favourite Friends which I can watch over and over again. Ehhhhh ada Edward Cullen on 712... Bye y'all!

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