Saturday, January 2, 2010

Double Celebration

It's a double celebration for our family this year cos not only that we celebrated NY on 010110, we also celebrated my cousin who had his wedding reception today. And it was a triple celebration for my darling Audrene because she was the flower girl *HUGE grin*

Audrene LOVES playing dress up so being a flower girl was a real treat for her and she did very well too. Here are some photos from the wedding.

My sister, my mom and my 2 princesses at my house before the wedding.

The 4 flower girls at the pelamin. Audrene and her second cousins and my lil cousin.

With the bride and groom.

Maira and Daddy.

Audrene and Sara.

Mummy and Maira.

Aunts, cousins and nieces.

Playing at the pelamin after the wedding.

Maira, Uncle Eja and Auntie Mai.

Us with my cousin.... can u see the resemblance between Maira and my cousin? :)

So that was how we spent our first day in 2010. It was a beautiful wedding by the pool and I had a great time meeting relatives. At this very moment Maira is asleep and Audrene is at my parents'. This means I have time to read...yahooo! Alright, goodnite everyone. Have a great weekend and have a wonderful 2010!!!!


3 squiggles:

Aleza said...

hehehhee sooo comelll audrenee!

superheroes' mom said...

both girls look chomellsss =)

Eti Karim said...

so adorable lah your little girls!!!

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