Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oh my my my I have been quite busy during these past 2 weeks. Audrene's in 'real' kindy now so we have to make sure she wakes up in time for school. Last year banyak main-main, dtg lambat and if she didn't feel like going, we didn't force her. But this year, kena serious sikit in preparing her for primary school next year. Especially in waking up early morning. Ayoyo... boleh ke?

I had quite a hectic schedule last week so when Friday came, I was relieved! And boy was I happy when I even had time to sneak into the gym for 30 minutes before picking up the girls from the nursery. I've moved office and its location enables me to drive back home in 30 minutes. Haha best kan? So now I get to ambik the girls when there's still daylight and can even jalan kaki pegi kedai with Audrene. She's very happy too!

We went to One U yesterday and had lunch at Sushi Zanmai. It was my first time there. Nyummm so yummy! No wonder the que is always, always long. It was worth the wait! Even Maira loved it and makan banyak :) Today, since Daddy is off golfing, I brought the kiddies to the Curve because Audrene wanted to go to MPH. We had lunch there and got to watch the lion dance. I teringat last year when I was working at HL, the CNY lion dance was a big event for the company. It was one event that everyone waited for. I remembered enjoying that day too. Oooh and that was a year ago!! Anyway, both girls loved the show tho Maira at times ada sikit takut. The girls were extra happy sbb dapat bawak balik 3 oranges which they ate in the car. Of cos, made lotsa mess for me to clean up :p

Alrighty, gotta go. Wanna take a lil rest before Maira wakes up. Have a great week y'all :)

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Something New Each Day said...

Lol... I like your profile! You sounds just like me, except for the Sushi thing. You can check out my sushi experience on my post titled "An Extraordinary Sushi Kind of Day."

Miss S said...

hi! first time i had sushi, i swore not to have it ever again but surprisingly i had cravings for em when i was pregnant and was since addicted to sushi :)

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