Monday, January 25, 2010

Munchkins & Cupcakes

These were snapped during dinner at Ikano just now. It was just me and the girls. Look at how happy Maira was. She got 1 whole cupcake to herself!

I brought the girls to Ikano to get them a new pair of slippers each cos the ones they have are so dirty already eeeeks cannot bring myself to touch 'em! And of course, once we were there, it was difficult to drag them home. Even Maira started to protest when I said lets go back NOW.

Btw, it was my anniversary yesterday and I nearly missed it if not for the reminder on my hp. Can u believe it?! I did not forget that my anniversary was on the 24th but I didn't realise that it was the 24th yesterday. Ergh geramm! Lucky my hubby made plans so we parked the girls at my parents' and sneaked out to catch Sherlock Holmes. I like the movie tho Sherlock looked smelly most times hehe

Oh gosh its nearly 1130 already and the girls are still up!! Audrene is currently in a fowl mood because she couldn't finish her homework. Biarkan dia. Siapa suruh main all afternoon kan? But I'd better make sure to tell the kakak at the nursery to make her finish her homework there or else she'll be struggling to complete it at night. And as a result, dia marah both me and Maira :p

Ok everyone goodnite. I feel very sleepy now zzzzz

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