Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pom Pom Girl

Audrene's sports day was this morning. Sangat2 seronok esp because her cheerleading team was THE BEST among the rest of the centres.. At least that's what me and the teacher thought.. hehe :p Hey, she practiced her routine and her cheer for weeks and I had to practice with her too. It was so much fun. The kids were so cute. I like it that the sports day was simple and fun and it finished off right on the dot as scheduled before it started getting so hot. Nicely organised lah!

Here are some photos from this morning.

While having lunch... Maira made faces at Daddy :p

After sports day, we hung out at the curve and had early lunch there. Then went back home to make sure the girls had a good sleep because we were going to watch Toy Story in the evening. And, sob, I cried while watching the movie. The end of the movie was so sad :( But I still love the movie of cos, plus it was 3D.

Ok, folks, goodnite. Wanna check on Audrene. She has overworked herself today and is not feeling very well. She doesnt eat enough and lives on milk. I am worried and running out of ideas on how to entice her to eat... sigh.. Right now she's addicted to burger king's spicy drummets and she has them every weekday for dinner. But that's it. She wont take any carbs with them and she'll have milk instead. Probably I shld show her pics of African children. Mebbe that would make her eat.

Alright, goodnite!

3 squiggles:

zarin said...

hi dear! she's in srk BU ye!

Miss S said...

hi zarin! she's still in kindy..smartreader :)

Eti said...

Alahai comel nya your girls!!!

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