Saturday, June 26, 2010

Princess Dresses

Attention all mommies with lil princesses!

Mothercare has really pretty princess costumes and they are all on 20% discount now. Went to the curve with Audrene today with the intention to get her new trainers for her sports day tomorrow but instead we came back with Snow White/Cinderella costume (it's reversible! 2-in-1) and a fairy skirt! And they are so cute...simply irresistible!

All of the little girls at the store were pestering their mommies.. ada yang kata nak pakai baju Snow White for Raya... hehe...cute!! Well.. siapa tak nak jadi princess kan? :)

Here's Audrene in her new dress. Maira's sleeping so she hasn't seen the dress yet. Last month Audrene bought her Ariel costume and Maira was so upset cos she didnt get one. Tak ada size! But today, I bought her 2 cute lil skirts so I hope she'll be happy too.

So go NOW mommies... Not many are left. There're also Tinkerbell, little hornet, fairy, Ariel costumes. For lil boys, there are Ben 10, Woody (Toy Story)... mmmm ada lagi but tak ingat. Go go go and we can all throw a costume party!

Have fun and have a great weekend!

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Eti said...

OMG! The costumes are adorable!!! Thank goodness my girl has passed that age (she is only 9 by the way!), though she still puts on her fairy wings and ballerina tutu, whenever she is her princessy mood.

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