Sunday, June 6, 2010

Univ Studios Singapore Rocks!!!!

Oh yes it rocks and I wish I am still there!!!!

I had so much fun these past few days but it's still great to be back home. Penat ok jalan with a toddler in tow but without the lil munchkin it won't be as much fun :)

School holiday started yesterday but we decided to go off early so on Thursday we packed our bags and flew to Singapore with 3 locations as our main target - Universal Studios, Night Safari and Arab St for beryani and murtabak. And ooooh to add to the kids' joy, the grannies and aunty followed too!

We spent the first day at the Night Safari. We went there last year and were still impressed with the place. I love it there because it is full of life. And of course, tak panas ;) This time around, we got there early, at abt 6.45pm (the safari opens at 7pm). Had dinner (their lamb burger is the best!) and watched the fire show. Memang grand! After the show, we watched the creatures of the night show and then we hopped on the tram and went for the safari tour. I really like the safari. I dont mind going there again and again. Audrene and Maira enjoyed the place too. Maira was already sleepy during the tour but she still waved at the animals happily.

On the second day, we went to Universal Studios!!! We love loved LOVED the place. We were so lucky it didnt rain and the weather was extremely sunny. The crowd was huge. In fact, the tickets were sold out on that day and it was not even the weekend and Singapore hasnt even started their school hols. For popular rides like Jurassic Park's water rapid, we had to que up for 45 minutes. And it took us more than 30 minutes to buy food. But nevertheless, it was worth the que. The rides were fantastic. We managed to ride on almost all rides. Ermmmm I didnt ride on the scary rides of course but my sister and hubby did go on the Mummy roller coaster and Audrene was also brave enough to go on the Dragon ride at Far Far Away - twice!

Took lotsa photos, here are some of them... Enjoy!

At the main entrance.

At the Jurassic Park with a baby dino :)

In Egypt for The Mummy

Battlestar Gallactica.. there was only 1 ride here for the kids. The huge scary coaster is not open yet (phew!)

With Betty Boop in Hollywood

In the streets of Hollywood, with NY in the 50s at the back.

In Madagascar!

In Far Far Away.. Audrene and Daddy riding on the dragon roller coaster.

With Donkey

Some tips in case you are planning to go there during this scool hols..

1. Buy your tickets earlier at the travel agents in Spore cos the tickets may be sold out at the entrance. You may even get it cheaper at the agency. We bought ours for $62 each instead of $66 (weekday rate. Weekend pass is $72). Cheaper rates for kids between 4-12 and free for 3 and below.

2. Wear your sunscreen cos it can be very hot and sunny there.

3. Wear very comfortable clothes and shoes esp those which can dry fast cos you may get drenched during the water rapid ride at Jurassic Park and while watching the Water Wold show.

4. Be there early so you can enter sharp at 10am cos with the long que, you may need to rush to cover all rides. The park closes at 7pm, takut tak sempat!

5. Prices for food and merchandise are reasonable. Chicken rice is S8, a bottle of snapple is $3.50, tshirts are $20-30, mugs are about $12 - 15, depends on the design. Lotsa a nice cafes but too little time to enjoy food cos need to rush to catch the rides and shows.

6. Rides with long ques are all the 3 rides in Jurassic Park (45 minutes que per ride) and the jeep ride at The Mummy. You may want to rush to these rides the first thing in the morning to avoid the long que later.

7. Washrooms are squeaky clean with areas for diaper change.

My fav ride is the studio tour by Spielberg. Fantastic! And altho I was terrified, I loved the river rapid ride. Huaaaaaa I wish I am still there! Mebbe next year when Maira's bigger and Audrene's taller? :p

Have a good school break everyone, and Happy Sunday!

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AKO @ retna said...

wah sonoknyaaaaa.....
harus kena plan next year...
Dah agak sbb still new konpom ramai orang kan..

btw really enjoy reading ur experinced there.... x sabar plak nak rs sokaria kat sana...

FairyGodmother said...


sounds like fun!!! but Rashard's still small!

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