Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hello!! How is everybody doing in the middle of the week? Me - I am a little bit stressed because my darling daughter is having her exams now. Her first exam ever!! She's alright, not at all stressed but mummy on the other hand has knots in her tummy :p

So... to destress myself, I went through the pics taken during our recent China trip. We went there last month and during the 4D/3N trip, we went to a few beautiful places - Macau, Zhuhai, Panyu, Guangzhou. The trip was packed but we, esp the girls, enjoyed it very much. Shopping was not that great, but we loved the safari, circus and the sunflower garden. I loved Macau, too! The girls were super happy because they got to ride on the plane, bus, tram, cableway and boat - all during the 4 days!

The weather was also lovely. We thought it would be cold so we brought a number of longsleeved blouses, but nope, it was sunny but a lil windy. Just nice :)

Some photos from the trip.

Here's the fishery lady statue which takes care of the city Zhuhai. It is located along the Lovers' Road, the main street in the city. The history is this lady was so kind that she left her husband to hold the pearl as this would keep Zhuhai safe and prosperous. Our guide said that Zhuhai is always safe from natural disasters.

This is the statue of the husband of the fishery lady. It is located on a hill and we had to take the cableway to get to the top. Only Audrene and Daddy went up the hill cos the cableway was a bit too scary.

Here are photos of us at the safari. The place was awesome! We took the tram to go around the safari. Cars were also allowed.

Whoooops! We also caught a couple of zebras on action.. hehe

Audrene with sunflower seeds at the Sunflower Garden in Panyu. This was the first time we saw such huge sunflowers which were as big as Audrene's head.

Sea of flowers... Breathtaking!!! Little Maira slept while we strolled around admiring the flowers.

At the Guangzhou monument. Our guide said we had to go up and take photos here. So up the stairs we went to reach the popular goat statue. Audrene and Maira in matching blouses. This is history as Audrene usually refuse to be in the same attire as her sister :)

Till later! Wanna watch Law & Order... Goodnite!

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