Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Else To Watch?

Sigh! What else to watch now that Idol has ended? I will miss this show so much! Now I will be bored every Thursday and Friday, and I don't have anything to look forward to to make my week faster :(

So what do you think of the winner? I love Scotty, I think he's a cutie pie and a real sweetie. However I do think that the finale between him and Lauren last night was the boringest finale ever. I nearly dozed off really! I think that it would be way better if it were Scotty vs James or James vs Casey or even James vs Paul!

Oooh it's Teacher's Day celebration at Audrene's school tomorrow and the excited girl has a performance for the teachers! Too bad parents couldn't attend to watch the mini concert. I would have loved to watch what she has been practicing in her speech class.

Here are the gifts that she'll be bringing tomorrow. Pink little bags for her teachers. She even wrote 'I love u' on each bag :)

Ok all, goodnite! Busy day tomorrow.. Hugs!

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