Friday, June 12, 2009

Pizza, anyone?

Audrene had a class trip to Pizza Hut on Tuesday and she nearly missed it because her mummy (me!) thought it was during lunchtime. Ingatkan they were having pizza for lunch rupa2nya the trip was at 9am!!! I sent her to the nursery a few minutes before 9 and her friends were already q-ing up to get on the van so my dear little princess went to her class trip tanpa mandi.. Hehehe!

Pizza Hut opens early at 9.00am for kids' activities and Audrene and her friends got to make their own pizza there. However she didn't eat hers at the restaurant because she wanted to eat it with her mummy and daddy (she knows I LOVE pizza!). So when I picked her up in the evening, she proudly showed me her pizza and tak sabar2 nak makan with me!

Audrene & her pizza... Yummm...

Cakkk!! Adik nak jugak!!! Here's Maira at 10 months... Gosh time flies!!!

Have a great weekend everyone. I had a very busy week so I wanna rest as much as I can. My aim this weekend is to finish Twilight! Must must must!!

2 squiggles:

Aleza said...

must finish reading twilight, kak! MUST MUST!! and omg maira with bunny rabbit nye hair!


MN said...

ah ah ah...chomel tau dak dua-dua nih!!!
geram jer i tengok :)

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